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Some tips about interacting with Jira APIs (Python)

List all available fields and their info like id, description, etc.


Make a transition with mandatory field:

jira.transition_issue(issue, '81',fields={'customfield_XXXXX': "SomeStringValue"}) #Move to State 81 with mandatory field customfield_XXXXX

update multiple fields

issue.update(fields={'customfield_XXX1': "SomeStringValue",'customfield_XXX2': "SomeStringValue"})

Make a transition with mandatory field and its child:

jira.transition_issue(issue, '241',
    fields = {
        'customfield_11470': {
            'value' : 'Инициатива кандидата',
            'child': {'value': 'Вышел на связь с GBC'}

update array field


Identify issue type

Add Comment

jira.add_comment(issue.key, "Some comment")

if you can't verify Jira SSL (DON'T DO if you are not understanding the risks)

from jira import JIRA
import warnings
warnings.filterwarnings("ignore", message="Unverified HTTPS request")
options = {
    'server': 'https://myjira.local',
    'rest_api_version': '2',
    'verify' : False
jira = JIRA(options,auth=('user','password')

Reading comments:

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