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Bash Progress Bar
# Bash Progress Bar:
# Function to draw progress bar
progressBar () {
# Calculate number of fill/empty slots in the bar
progress=$(echo "$progressBarWidth/$taskCount*$tasksDone" | bc -l)
fill=$(printf "%.0f\n" $progress)
if [ $fill -gt $progressBarWidth ]; then
# Percentage Calculation
percent=$(echo "100/$taskCount*$tasksDone" | bc -l)
percent=$(printf "%0.2f\n" $percent)
if [ $(echo "$percent>100" | bc) -gt 0 ]; then
# Output to screen
printf "\r["
printf "%${fill}s" '' | tr ' '
printf "%${empty}s" '' | tr ' '
printf "] $percent%% - $text "
## Collect task count
while [ $tasksDone -le $taskCount ]; do
# Do your task
(( tasksDone += 1 ))
# Add some friendly output
text=$(echo "somefile-$tasksDone.dat")
# Draw the progress bar
progressBar $taskCount $taskDone $text
sleep 0.01

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nlpthk commented Jan 11, 2017

Hey F1LT3R!

How I could use your progress bar to represent a running bash file? Also, any idea how to add time remaining?
Thanks so much for your help!


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oofnikj commented May 22, 2017

I was having a problem with the Unicode characters not displaying properly (Ubuntu 16.04). I found out that it's a known bug with GNU tr that it doesn't support Unicode (source), so I modified it to work with sed instead:
27 printf "%${fill}s" '' | sed 's/ /\o342\o226\o210/g'
28 printf "%${empty}s" '' | sed 's/ /\o342\o226\o221/g'

Hope this helps someone.


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F1LT3R commented Jul 14, 2017

@nlpthk, not sure what you are asking exactly

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