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Created November 27, 2018 03:13
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Adminer with SQLite no-login

Adminer setup

Enables plugins, and SQLite no-login.


  1. Copy index.php to a new directory
  2. Download Adminer to adminer.php
  3. Create a plugins/ folder
  4. Download plugin to plugins/plugin.php
  5. Copy login-sqlite.php in plugins/
# File from
function adminer_object() {
// Required to run any plugin.
include_once(__DIR__ . "/plugins/plugin.php");
// Load plugins.
foreach (glob(__DIR__ . "/plugins/*.php") as $file) {
$plugins = [
new AdminerLoginSqlite()
return new AdminerPlugin($plugins);
// Include original Adminer or Adminer Editor.
include "./adminer.php";
# Place in `plugins/`
/** Enable auto-login for SQLite
* @link
* @author Jakub Vrana,
* @license Apache License, Version 2.0
* @license GNU General Public License, version 2 (one or other)
class AdminerLoginSqlite {
function login($login, $password) {
return true;
function loginForm() {
<script type="text/javascript">
addEventListener('load', function () {
var driver = document.getElementsByName('auth[driver]')[0];
if (isTag(driver, 'select')) {
driver.onchange = function () {
var trs = parentTag(driver, 'table').rows;
for (var i=1; i < trs.length - 1; i++) {
var disabled = /sqlite/.test(driver.value);
alterClass(trs[i], 'hidden', disabled);
trs[i].getElementsByTagName('input')[0].disabled = disabled;
# File `plugin` from
# Place in plugins/ folder
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iexa commented Apr 27, 2021

In recent adminer (after 4.4+) versions they have implemented CSP headers that basically send a nonce in the http headers (one-time only code), and compare it with the same nonce in script tags. If no match - no code runs. Easy fix after a bit of hunting around, just replace line 18 in login-sqlite.php with this one:

<script<?php echo nonce()?>>

You always learn something new.

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Thanks! It saved my time.

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Thanks very much! It worked.

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