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Created Dec 20, 2015
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set defaultencoding=utf-8
set accelerated-compositing=true
set input-autohide=true
set spell-checking=false
set statusbar=true
set webinspector=trueset
set dns-prefetching=true
set insecure-content-show=true
set insecure-content-run=true
set html5-database=true
set html5-local-storage=true
set strict-ssl=false
set defaultfont=DejaVu Sans
set fontsize=12
set monofont=M+ 1m
set monofontsize=11
set sansfont=DejaVu Sans
set seriffont=DejaVu Serif
set input-font-error=M+ 1m 11
set input-bg-error=#EC5044
set input-fg-error=#f1f1f1
set input-font-normal=M+ 1m 11
set input-bg-normal=#F8F5EC
set input-fg-normal=#222222
set completion-font=M+ 1m 11
set completion-bg-active=#FFEE99
set completion-fg-active=#222222
set completion-bg-normal=#F8F5EC
set completion-fg-normal=#222222
set status-font=M+ 1m 11
set status-color-bg=#36424E
set status-color-fg=#f1f1f1
set status-ssl-font=M+ 1m 11
set status-ssl-color-bg=#658175
set status-ssl-color-fg=#f1f1f1
set status-sslinvalid-font=M+ 1m 11
set status-sslinvalid-color-bg=#EC5044
set status-sslinvalid-color-fg=#f1f1f1
shortcut-default du
shortcut-add di=$0
shortcut-add du=$0
shortcut-add gi=$0
shortcut-add go=$0
shortcut-add im=$0
shortcut-add wi=$0
shortcut-add wo=$0
shortcut-add yo=$0
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etherrorcode404 commented Nov 11, 2021

were do i put this?

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Dorovich commented Jul 7, 2022

were do i put this?

perhaps a bit too late :/

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