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python in process memory cache based on ordered dictionary - with size limit and timeout support
# coding: utf-8
import time
from collections import OrderedDict
class Cache():
In process memory cache. Not thread safe.
cache = Cache(max_size=5)
cache.set("python", "perfect", timeout=10)
>>> perfect
>>> None
cache.get("python", "perfect anyway")
>>> perfect anyway
def __init__(self, max_size=1000, timeout=None):
self._store = OrderedDict()
self._max_size = max_size
self._timeout = timeout
def set(self, key, value, timeout=None):
if not timeout:
timeout = self._timeout
if timeout:
timeout = time.time() + timeout
self._store[key] = (value, timeout)
def get(self, key, default=None):
data = self._store.get(key)
if not data:
return default
value, expire = data
if expire and time.time() > expire:
del self._store[key]
return default
return value
def _check_limit(self):
check if current cache size exceeds maximum cache
size and pop the oldest item in this case
if len(self._store) >= self._max_size:
def clear(self):
clear all cache
self._store = OrderedDict()

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Amar-Chaudhari commented Nov 11, 2016

Thanks for the code !
Any particular reason for using OrderedDict ?


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saadlalam commented Jan 25, 2019

Good one !
it would be great if you implement a hashing function to take into consideration dicts

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