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#!/usr/bin/env bash
readonly SCRIPT_DIR=$(dirname "$(readlink -m "$0")");
function main
set -o errexit
set -o pipefail
set -o nounset
set -o errtrace
aws_account="aws --profile fabien"
$aws_account ec2 describe-vpcs | tee ${SCRIPT_DIR}/reports/vcps.json
$aws_account ec2 describe-subnets | tee ${SCRIPT_DIR}/reports/subnets.json
$aws_account ec2 describe-security-groups | tee ${SCRIPT_DIR}/reports/security_groups.json
$aws_account ec2 describe-instances | tee ${SCRIPT_DIR}/reports/instances.json
$aws_account ec2 describe-volumes | tee ${SCRIPT_DIR}/reports/volumes.json
$aws_account ec2 describe-key-pairs | tee ${SCRIPT_DIR}/reports/key-pairs.json
$aws_account ec2 describe-network-acls | tee ${SCRIPT_DIR}/reports/network-acls.json
$aws_account s3api list-buckets | tee ${SCRIPT_DIR}/reports/s3_list-buckets.json
$aws_account iam list-users | tee ${SCRIPT_DIR}/reports/iam_users.json
$aws_account iam list-groups | tee ${SCRIPT_DIR}/reports/iam_groups.json
$aws_account iam list-roles | tee ${SCRIPT_DIR}/reports/iam_roles.json
main "$@"
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