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Passing parameters to a Node.js application with parameters
// Load the http module to create an http server.
var httpServer = require('http');
// Configure our HTTP server to respond with Hello World to all requests.
var server = httpServer.createServer(function (request, response) {
response.writeHead(200, {"Content-Type": "text/html"});
response.write("<h1>Node.js testing parms</h1>");
process.argv.forEach(function (val, index, array) {
response.write("<LI>Parameter Number "+ index + ' value ' + val+ "</LI>");
console.log("response sent!");
// Listen on port 9876
// Even though this ends the program, it will remain active since
// the node event loop has more to do (due to http server above)
console.log("Server running, connect to http://your-server:9876");
// If you want test this node.js application from QSH passing different kind of parms ... try this
// QSH CMD('/QOpenSys/pkgs/bin/node /home/Opensource/nodejs01/testparms.js myfirstparm mysecondparm "my house" "my dog''s house" "he said \"Your dog''s house is very large\" "')
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