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from import LogisticRegression
from import Pipeline
from sparkdl import DeepImageFeaturizer
featurizer = DeepImageFeaturizer(inputCol="image", outputCol="features", modelName="InceptionV3")
lr = LogisticRegression(maxIter=10, regParam=0.05, elasticNetParam=0.3, labelCol="label")
p = Pipeline(stages=[featurizer, lr])
p_model =

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@Faheemkhaskheli Faheemkhaskheli commented Aug 30, 2019

i am getting this error on google colab, i can only install spark 0.2.2 version,
can you help how can i solve this error

from sparkdl import DeepImageFeaturizer
AttributeError: module 'sparkdl' has no attribute 'graph'


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@taiwotman taiwotman commented Sep 26, 2019

I faced a similar issue using Sparkdl. It seems the, where the error comes from, has been modified without the sparkdl graph attribute.
See: keras_image


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@shwetamittal019 shwetamittal019 commented Jan 22, 2021

any update on the same. Getting the error
module 'sparkdl' has no attribute 'utils'

while import from sparkdl import DeepImageFeaturizer

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