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Another shot at this problem ..
class DisableMigrations(dict):
def __contains__(self, item):
return True
def __getitem__(self, item):
return None
DATABASES = DisableMigrations()
MIGRATION_MODULES = DisableMigrations()

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FavorMylikes commented Dec 13, 2017

Migrations for django 1.10 has two part,please look at load_disk and recorder

The part of load_disk is for migrations of app model
And the part of recorder for database connection
For the version before 1.9 we need set MIGRATION_MODULES={'do.not.migrate':'notmigrations'} when you are running test
Now we need set it None like MIGRATION_MODULES={'do.not.migrate':None}
So if we do not want make migrations for any app, just subclass a dict and return None for getitem function , and do the same of DATABASES, that is the right thing you need

PS: For command, you need to specify --setting=module.path.settings_test_snippet after test
PPS If you are working at pycharm ,do not set --settings options at Run/Debug configurations, just add path of at Custom setting. That just be fine!!


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