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Taking version from AssemblyInfo.cs and using it with AppVeyor
rem This is how we get version in environment variable
for /f %%i in ('PowerShell -File get-version.ps1') do set my_version=%%i
$directoryPath = Split-Path ((Get-Variable MyInvocation).Value).MyCommand.Path
$assemblyFile = "$directoryPath\VersionInfo.cs"
$RegularExpression = [regex] 'AssemblyVersion\(\"(.*)\"\)'
# Get the Content of the file and store it in the variable
$fileContent = Get-Content $assemblyFile
foreach($content in $fileContent)
$match = [System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex]::Match($content, $RegularExpression)
if($match.Success) {

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commented Nov 9, 2017

Can you please elaborate on how to run the cmd and ps1 at the same time? It appears in my build settings that I only get to choose one script type and I'm already dependent upon nuget restore in cmd in my before build script.

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