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Functional Programming in Python - Resources

These are some resources, sorted pedagogically, to get started with functional programming in Python:

  1. Functional Programming in Python by Dan Bader (videos): Nice low level introduction to map, filter and reduce functions. It shows also how easy it is to parallelise code in functional programming.
  2. Learning Data Science using Functional Python by Joel Grus (video): Nice talk on how to translate imperative code into functional code using Python. The title is misleading as data science is not the focus of the talk.
  3. Functional Programming in Python by David Mertz (short book): Nice and short book that explains the basic concepts of functional programming in Python using examples.
  4. Functional Programming HOWTO by A. M. Kuchling (tutorial): Overview of Functional programming in Python with an emphasis on functional programming using Python standard libraries.
  5. Functional Programming Modules (documentation): Overview with examples of three useful Python modules for functional programming: itertools, functools and operator.
  6. Awesome Functional Python (other resources): A comprehensive collection of resources on functional programming in Python.
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