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Get element by id from HTML document using only HTMLParser
import HTMLParser
class IDParser(HTMLParser.HTMLParser):
"""Modified HTMLParser that isolates a tag with the specified id"""
def __init__(self, id): = id
self.result = None
self.started = False
self.depth = {}
self.html = None
self.watch_startpos = False
def loads(self, html):
self.html = html
def handle_starttag(self, tag, attrs):
attrs = dict(attrs)
if self.started:
if 'id' in attrs and attrs['id'] ==
self.result = [tag]
self.started = True
self.watch_startpos = True
if self.started:
if not tag in self.depth: self.depth[tag] = 0
self.depth[tag] += 1
def handle_endtag(self, tag):
if self.started:
if tag in self.depth: self.depth[tag] -= 1
if self.depth[self.result[0]] == 0:
self.started = False
def find_startpos(self, x):
"""Needed to put the start position of the result (self.result[1])
after the opening tag with the requested id"""
if self.watch_startpos:
self.watch_startpos = False
handle_entityref = handle_charref = handle_data = handle_comment = \
handle_decl = handle_pi = unknown_decl = find_startpos
def get_result(self):
if self.result == None: return None
if len(self.result) != 3: return None
lines = self.html.split('\n')
lines = lines[self.result[1][0]-1:self.result[2][0]]
lines[0] = lines[0][self.result[1][1]:]
if len(lines) == 1:
lines[-1] = lines[-1][:self.result[2][1]-self.result[1][1]]
lines[-1] = lines[-1][:self.result[2][1]]
return '\n'.join(lines).strip()
def get_element_by_id(id, html):
"""Return the content of the tag with the specified id in the passed HTML document"""
parser = IDParser(id)
return parser.get_result()
if __name__ == '__main__':
import urllib2
html = urllib2.urlopen('').read().decode('utf8')
print get_element_by_id('eow-description', html)
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