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I am writing to request my personal data, the purposes of their processing, the recipients to whom they have been or will be disclosed, the envisaged period for which they will be stored, and the existence of automated decision-making, including profiling, according to Article 15 of the GDPR.

For any kinds of data for which it makes sense, I would like to receive them in structured form, according to Article 20 of the Regulation.

Examples of my personal data you might be in control of, or might have shared with others, include:

  • the content and topics of saved articles
  • the state of saved articles (liked, archived, read) and their history (saving, reading, and archival timestamps)
  • the time, length, frequency and speed of reading sessions, and the articles consumed during them
  • the words looked up through the built in dictionary
  • the HTML of logged in pages and any other browser content transmitted by the browser extension when saving a bookmark
  • search history for the full-text search feature
  • automated profiling and categorization based on reading habits or the content or topics of the articles saved and read, for the purposes of ad targeting or otherwise
  • any other data points collected by the browser extension (e.g. at what time the browser is in use, navigation history, etc.)
  • any other data points collected by the mobile app (e.g. system details like the Wi-Fi networks, approximate location, etc.)

Note that this list is provided as an example, and this request is not limited to only the items above. If any personal data are shared to third parties, I would like to know specifically which categories are shared with each recipient.

I am writing from the email address bound to my account, which should be sufficient to confirm my identity. I am an Italian citizen, I have used your service extensively from Italy in the past, and since the enforcement date of the Regulation I have used your service in Iceland.

I take the occasion to remind you that you have one month to respond to this request free of charge per Art. 12(3), that according to the UK Information Commissioner's Office interpretation ( you must comply to this request however you receive it, and that it applies to the data as it exists at the time you receive this.

Thank you, Filippo Valsorda

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