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$ pyinfra -i inventories/ --run server.user 'git --version' -v
--> Starting operation: Server/Shell
openbsd56.pyinfra: >>> sh -c 'git --version'
centos6.pyinfra: >>> sh -c 'git --version'
debian8.pyinfra: >>> sh -c 'git --version'
ubuntu14.pyinfra: >>> sh -c 'git --version'
debian7.pyinfra: >>> sh -c 'git --version'
ubuntu15.pyinfra: >>> sh -c 'git --version'
centos7.pyinfra: >>> sh -c 'git --version'
debian7.pyinfra: git version
[debian7.pyinfra] Success
debian8.pyinfra: git version 2.1.4
ubuntu15.pyinfra: git version 2.1.4
[debian8.pyinfra] Success
[ubuntu15.pyinfra] Success
ubuntu14.pyinfra: git version 1.9.1
[ubuntu14.pyinfra] Success
centos7.pyinfra: git version
[centos7.pyinfra] Success
centos6.pyinfra: git version 1.7.1
[centos6.pyinfra] Success
openbsd56.pyinfra: git version 2.3.0
[openbsd56.pyinfra] Success
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