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FLEISCHMANN György, _flex, Gyurci, FleXoft FleXoft

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BenjaminPoncet / ffmpeg-wrapper
Last active Apr 20, 2021
Synology VideoStation ffmpeg wrapper with DTS, EAC3 and TrueHD support (Installation instructions in 1st comment)
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echo "$(date '+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S') - ${streamid} - $1" >> /tmp/ffmpeg.log
echo "$1" | fold -w 120 | sed "s/^.*$/$(date '+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S') - ${streamid} - = &/" >> /tmp/ffmpeg.log
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# To delete all the currently stored files
sqlite3 ~/Library/Preferences/* 'delete from LSQuarantineEvent where LSQuarantineEventIdentifier like "%%";'
# To never store such information you can sym link it to dev null
ln -s /dev/null ~/Library/Preferences/