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NSCompany *simfy = [[NSCompany alloc] initWithName:@"simfy"]; //providing the largest music streaming platform in Germany and Switzerland
[simfy setCompanyStatus:SucessfullStateGrowing]; //VC-backed
[simfy setCompanyBase:@"Cologne"];
NSMutableArray *programmers = [simfy searchForApplicants];
for(Programmer* programmer in programmers)
([programmer isFemale] || [programmer isMale])
&& [programmer hasSkill:@"Xcode AND dreaming in Objective-C"]
&& [programmer hasPassion:@"user interface design AND usability"]
&& [programmer hasInterest:@"(any)music AND streaming AND encryption AND high performance"]
// ok - she/he is in .. lets see whats next!
[programmer addExpectation:@"Participate in the architectural design for our mobile applications"];
[programmer addExpectation:@"Develop and maintain new features"];
[programmer addExpectation:@"Debug, test and prepare packages for App Store submission"];
[programmer addOffer:@"A team of smart, interesting and passionate people"];
[programmer addOffer:@"Flat hierarchies and a fast decision-making processes"];
[programmer addOffer:@"flexible working hours and highly attractive compensation"];
[programmer addBonus:@"Working equipment of choice"];
[programmer addBonus:@"Music, drinks and chips at a flatrate"];
[programmer addBonus:@"An Italian chef that cooks twice a week for the office"];
if([programmer likesCompany:simfy]){
NSDate *startingDate = [programmer getStartingNewJobDate];
SimfyApplication *application = [SimfyApplication initWithContactMail:@"" startingDate:startingDate];
[application attachCVFileAtPath:@"cv.pdf"]; // required!
// Reference Apps
if([programmer hasAppsInStore])
for(App* app in [programmer getApps]){
[application addReferenceApp:app];
// Reference Code
for(CodeSnipped* code in [programmer getCodeSnippetsOfType:CodeSnippedBestType]){
[application addReferenceCode:code];
// Misc
if([programmer hasSocialNetwork:@"xing"])
[application addSocialNetwork:@"xing"];
if([programmer hasSocialNetwork:@"linkedin"])
[application addSocialNetwork:@"linkedin"];
if([application submitApplication]){
NSLog(@"you rock!");
[application release];
[simfy release];// just for Memory Management - we would like to hire your on long term base :)
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