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Home Cluster Resource groups.
cluster consists of 3 nodes:
nexus (Nexus7 tablet, running ubuntu 12)
nsa (NSA325 Nas, running custom fw, with debian wheezy chroot)
pi (Raspi 512M, running debian wheezy)
pri xinetd
pri csync2??
pri apache
vhost redirects (mod_balancer, mod_backhand?)
pri ip
group omd-remotely
constraint: can only run on nexus and nsa
pri omd site
pri ip
dns primary
group svc-primary
constraint: != bind9 slave (might be useful)
pri bind9 master
pri dhcp
pri ip
dns secondary
group svc-secondary
constraint: != bind9 master (might be useful)
pri bind9 slave
pri ip
group cobbler
pri apache site
pri cobblerd
pri filesystem
pri nfsmount
pri ip
dmz ssh
group ssh
pri ssh-dmz
pri ip
pri homedir sync via csync2 or
pri homedir-subdir via nfs
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