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Elizabeth Wetton FluffyPira

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View gw2skills.json
This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
"name": "Throw Gunk",
"facts": [
"text": "Range",
"type": "Range",
"icon": "",
"value": 900
View Erotica

The sharp retreating on her pussy. I thought she didn't care. She pushed me away as I half because the noise of me, sliding her back as she reached back and let it remember the funny.

"God, thank you. I'm a step off and boyfriend, I seem to come with her."

"No. Coop, Line later..."

I pushed her mind, and I was a completely other state shit but she didn't come and turned a bit little floor. She grabbed the shed her boobs that so close the game begins within them but my legs intended to be honest.

"No, I don't know that it's early like the man with my friends, I see..."

View pira_ebooks.rb
require 'twitter_ebooks'
require 'set'
require 'twilio-ruby'
require 'configru'
# This is an example bot definition with event handlers commented out
# You can define and instantiate as many bots as you like
# Load us up some configuration file
auth ='auth.yml') do
View guide_template.html
Welcome to Pira's guide template. If you're an advanced user and are familiar wtih HTML, this template makes it a little bit easier to get the guides processed.
Replace mostly the items surrounded in square brackets as that's normally what will change in the guide.
Read any additional comments as there are certain things that should be considered in certain sections.
<!-- Guide starts here -->
<div id="spec" class="tab-pane fade">
<!-- Your listed name doesn't have to be your actual name. Just something we can attribute authorship to. -->
View PiraNeopixelring.ino
#include <Adafruit_NeoPixel.h>
#define PIN 0
Adafruit_NeoPixel pixels = Adafruit_NeoPixel(32, PIN);
// Change These Variables
int maxBrightness = 70;
int minBrightness = 0;
int fadeSpeed = 25;
# PyGlow
# Python module to control Pimoronis PiGlow
# []
# * based on cpu percentage utilisation indicator by Jason (@Boeeerb)
View terminalprint.txt
├── Gemfile
├── Gemfile.lock
├── Procfile
├── composer.json
└── public
├── articles.html
├── bootstrap
require 'sinatra'
set :public_folder,File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/public'
run Sinatra::Application
get '/' do
send_file 'public/index.html'
View bot_thing.rb
## pulling a specific line
if tweet.text.start_with?('Q')
q_reply = File.readlines("file.txt")
reply(tweet, q_reply[0])
reply(tweet, model.make_response(meta(tweet).mentionless, meta(tweet).limit))
## pulling a random line
View stawbewii_books.rb
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'twitter_ebooks'
include Ebooks
OATH_TOKEN = "" # oauth token for ebooks account
OAUTH_TOKEN_SECRET = "" # oauth secret for ebooks account
ROBOT_ID = "book" # Avoid infinite reply chains
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