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a possible backup Plan for the Meet Magento World, in case it gets canceled

The Meet Magento World was planned as a big Online Conference with all the known best speakers from the Meet Magento conferences.

Sometimes planning big can lead to plans which fail.

But we already have a nice reserved Date(Jul 11-13, 2017), and it would be a waste to not use it.

So how can we as a Community organize such a big event in such short time ourself you may wonder. By cheating, we just plan small, very small. We dont include any big stages, locations, tickets. No professional whatever they planned (actually, I have no idea what they planned, but I assume it included HD videos)

The Idea is to split a talk in two parts. One pre recorded part of 20min, and a QA round of another 20min. You can also do your talk live, but we would like to have the talks released at least a day earlier, so the QA round can be better prepared.

Attached to the talk should be a way to ask questions (or just accept comments to the video for this). The speaker then can decide herself if she wants to invite some of the askers into the QA round or just answer/discuss the comments (or a chat in parallel)

To keep it easy, you can either upload the videos into your own Youtube Account, or into a a central account, will be completely your decision.

How to find all the talks then?

There will be a website listing all the talks which were released as part of this Event, and also have an additional QA part released. Additionally there will be a (hopefully) big youtube playlist


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@gxjansen gxjansen commented Jun 10, 2017

Hi Daniel, thx for suggesting this! I think it would be great to have more community involvement and to somehow crowdsource the organization of an event, although I'm not sure how that would work. We had quite some plans laying around, but resources were again too tight to make it happen this time. If a community organization team is formed, we could definitely support that with the resources we have like website, social and other promotional capabilities that MMA has.


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@Flyingmana Flyingmana commented Jun 11, 2017

great to hear @gxjansen, this already solves the part of where to have the final writeup and summary of the event.
Will see if I can create a more detailed description so its easy to understand how people can contribute their talk, and how the process will be.

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