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Last active July 31, 2022 18:03
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CircuitPython ESP32-S3 HackTablet Give Away


Exciting things are ahead for CircuitPython, some work on the cutting edge of the ESP32-S3 port of CircuitPython is adding support for the S3s built-in LCD periphrial to display graphics with displayio APIs.

This functionality is being tested initially on some Hack Tablets made from discontinued corporate meeting room control panels and ESP32-S3 Dev Kit N8R8 devices. Thank you to Kmatch (Kevin Matocha) for providing the tablets for the giveaway, and doing the initial work to add support for them to the CircuitPython core.

There are five (5) extra of these Hack Tablet devices that will be made available to other members of the community in this give away.

Due to the limited number of devices available we are intending to find people who already have an idea in mind for a project to make with the Hack Tablet. As well as people who are willing to help with testing and troubleshooting or developing the remaining changes needed to get this support ready for wider usage by the general public. These devices and the current software support for them is in pre-alpha stage at this time, so it is best for users with at least some experience with CircuitPython devices. For the first 2 of the tablets we are prioritizing folks who agree to help test or develop the core changes required for this device. The remaining 3 will be available to anyone who enters.

Entry Form

To be eligible to recieve one of these tablet devices please follow these instructions:

  1. Write out a short description of what kind of project you'd plan to use the tablet for if you do recieve one. Only a short paragraph or 2 is needed. We are interested to hear what you want to do with the tablets! We encourage you to publish this description somewhere either gist, github, a personal blog, discord, linked on twitter, or whatever platform you're comfortable publishing on. However if you prefer not to publish your description you can also keep it private and share it with us via the entry form.

  2. Complete the entry form with the following:

    1. A link to your plans for the tablet if it's published online. Or the written description directly if you'd prefer not to publish it.
    2. A valid postal address, that will allow delivery by UPS for us to ship the tablet to if you are selected to recieve one.
    3. Answer a few questions about willingness to help us test and develop as well as permission share your project ideas for the tablet.

Giveaway Selection Date and Process

On 8/3/22 we will select at random 2 people from those who are willing to help test and/or develop changes to circuitpython core to recieve tablets. We will then add in the names of folks who elected not to help test / develop to the hat and select 1 additional name at random to recieve a tablet. If you're selected we will reach out to you to let you know, and verify your mailing address and once confirmed, ship your tablet.

On 8/26/22 we will select at random 2 people to receive the remaining tablets. All entries that did not get selected on 8/3 will be included in the hat for this selection. If you're selected we'll reach out to you to let you know, and verify your mailing address and once confirmed, ship your tablet.

Other information

  • Entry is limited to 1 per person
  • Random selections will be carried out on video and published online
  • We'd be happy to have folks that recieve tablets share photos or information about their projects online. Tag us on your social platform of choice if you do!
  • What's Included: Hack Tablet with touch screen, Custom display adapter PCB, ESP32-S3 N8R8 Devkit microcontroller, 3D Printed frame, all parts removed from the original creston TSS-752 device
  • What's not Included: Micro USB cable, 5v USB Power adapter or host device to plug the microcontroller into.
  • Contact foamyguy (at) or @foamyguy on Discord if you have questions.
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