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Just a quick clipboard slip/slurp I put together because I didn't find anything similar, don't know if it's useful for anyone but found it invaluable when getting large strings being returned from the repl and sticking the result in an editor for more car
(defn get-clipboard []
(.getSystemClipboard (java.awt.Toolkit/getDefaultToolkit)))
(defn slurp-clipboard []
(.getTransferData (.getContents (get-clipboard) nil) (java.awt.datatransfer.DataFlavor/stringFlavor))
(catch java.lang.NullPointerException e nil)))
(defn spit-clipboard [text]
(.setContents (get-clipboard) (java.awt.datatransfer.StringSelection. text) nil))

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@ordnungswidrig ordnungswidrig commented Aug 25, 2011

I'd rather do

(if-let [contents (.getContents (get-clipboard) nil)](.getTransferData contents %28java.awt.datatransfer.DataFlavor/stringFlavor%29)


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@Folcon Folcon commented Aug 26, 2011

good point, I suppose that is more idiomatic :). Hmm github seems to truncate descriptions after a while...

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