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Stylebot Patterns has been down for a while, so I create this gist to help those who need document on pattern settings.

Basic (default)

By default, Stylebot uses simple text strings to match styles to websites. Examples:

  • : Matches any URL with in it.
  •, : Matches any URL with or in it.


Stylebot supports wildcards **, * and ,

  • ** matches any character sequence. Examples:
    • docs**: Any URL beginning with docs.
  • * matches any character sequence, until a / is found.
    • docs* This will match,, and so on.
    • * This will match and
  • , separates a list of advanced patterns. Matches a URL if any sub-pattern matches it.

Regular Expressions

Stylebot treats a string as a regex if it start it with ^. Examples: ^$: This matches only the Reddit homepage.

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