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Created November 18, 2012 04:31
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# Copy the following and place it a file called Leiningen.sublime-build in the Sublime user packages folder (~/.config/sublime-text-2/Packages/User on Linux).
# Select this as the build system for the project using Tools/Build System/Leiningen.
# You can then bring up the Sublime Command Palette (ctrl+shift+P on Windows/Linux) and issue any of the commands # (build, documentation, clean, run, test, etc). By default, build is bound to ctrl+b and run to ctrl+shift+b.
"cmd": ["lein", "compile", ":all"],
"working_dir": "$project_path",
"variants": [
{ "cmd": ["lein", "marg", "-m", "-d", "docs"],
"name": "Documentation"
{ "cmd": ["lein", "clean"],
"name": "Clean"
{ "cmd": ["lein", "run"],
"name": "Run"
{ "cmd": ["lein", "test"],
"name": "Test"
{ "cmd": ["lein", "retest"],
"name": "Re-test"
{ "cmd": ["lein", "uberjar"],
"name": "Uberjar"
{ "cmd": ["lein", "jar"],
"name": "Jar"
{ "cmd": ["lein", "check"],
"name": "Check"
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Thanks for this!
NB with the #comment lines in, it errors -- can you move the comments out the file?

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