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Patrick Faasse Form2Content

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<div data-uk-slideset="{ldelim}small: 1, medium: 1, large: 1{rdelim}">
<div class="uk-slidenav-position">
<ul class="uk-grid uk-grid-collapse uk-slideset">
{ldelim}F2cAnywhere id={foreach from=$RELEVANTE_PROJECTEN_VALUES key=k item=i name=whatever}{$k}{if $smarty.foreach.whatever.last}{else}, {/if}{/foreach}{rdelim}
<li class="uk-overlay">
<div class="uk-overlay-panel uk-overlay-right" style="padding:10px;background: rgba(255,255,255,0.6); width:50%; margin:20px;color: #444;"><h3>[:$JOOMLA_TITLE:]</h3>
<p class="uk-hidden-small">[:$BANNER_TEKST|truncate:100:]</p>
<div class="uk-align-right"><a href="[:$JOOMLA_ARTICLE_LINK_SEF:]" title="">Bekijk dit project ></a></div>
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View F2C-KML-Feed-Placemarker-Smarty-template
{* This is a SMARTY placemarker template for the Form2Content KML extension. It is an example which I have used for a project and shows how you can use the F2C fields (data) within a custom placemarker.*}
{*text between these tags won't be rendered into your placemarker*}
{*I use the _RAW template parameter to show HTML as is*}
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<!-- F2C multi-select field includes 3 checkboxes for 3 options (ANVR/SGR/Calamiteitenfonds) -->
<!-- F2C multi-select field name = MEMBERSHIP -->
{if in_array('ANVR', $MEMBERSHIP_VALUES)}
<img src="images/logo_anvr.png">
{if in_array('SGR', $MEMBERSHIP_VALUES)}
<img src="images/logo_sgr.png">
{if in_array('Calamiteitenfonds', $MEMBERSHIP_VALUES)}
<img src="images/logo_calamiteitenfonds.png">
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