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FoxxMD / getTotalTorrentsSize.js
Last active March 3, 2024 13:24
Qbittorrent get total size, downloaded, uploaded, and overall ratio (WebUI only)
// Tested on qBittorrent 4.6.1
// 1. open qbittorent web interface
// 1a. (optionally) filter to just the torrents that should be totalled
// 1b. MAY need to ensure any/all columns to be totalled are enabled -> Size, Downloaded, Uploaded
// 2. open developer tools
// 3. copy and paste the *entirety* of the below code into the developer tools console and hit enter
// Will print totals in MiB/GiB/TiB for:
// * Size + Min/Max/Avg
FoxxMD /
Created September 13, 2023 18:24
podman usage

UID/GID on container build

Under Allocating additional UIDs/GIDs:

  • make sure you have newuidmap and newgidmap installed and have allocated ids for your normal user

for UID 2119470584, GID 2042662593 (try increasing the number of subordinate IDs in /etc/subuid and /etc/subgid

FoxxMD /
Last active August 28, 2023 15:40
convert javascript import file endings/extensions using codeshift (relative and/or absolute)


Convert endings/extensions of your imports in your Typescript/Javascript files using jscodeshift

When migrating to/from TS/JS projects, changing tsconfig module/moduleResolution, or migrating from commonjs to ESM you may find you need to convert all, or some, of your imports to use a specific ending.

This transform module automates the process and provides granularity in how and which types of imports are converted.


FoxxMD / .scrobbler.json
Created March 9, 2023 19:16 — forked from ericboehs/.scrobbler.json
Scrobble iTunes/Apple Music to
"lastfm": {
"username": "ericboehs",
"password": "secret",
"api_key": "abc123",
"api_secret": "xyz890"
FoxxMD /
Created September 15, 2022 20:12
3d printer investigation
FoxxMD / file-with-symbols.test.yaml
Created July 14, 2022 14:53
gist fetch example
value: symbols test
FoxxMD / flow.yaml
Last active March 1, 2022 14:54
flow control for context-mod
# your configs will continue to work with 'checks' at top-level
# -- CM will automatically wrap them in a dummy run
# use 'runs' at top-level to configure your own runs.
# You CANNOT have a top-level 'checks' and 'runs'
- name: flairAndCategory
# Runs inherit the same filters as checks/rules/actions
# If these filters fail the Run is skipped and CM processes the next run in order
FoxxMD /
Created June 4, 2021 17:31 — forked from Dammmien/
Mustache cheatsheet

Basic tag

  Hello {{name}} !!


 {{! This is a comment, and it won't be rendered }}
FoxxMD /
Last active January 22, 2021 23:20
rclone setup

Install rclone plugin

Unraid => Apps => search for rclone and install the one with Waseh's Repository in it

Setup UI

create password file output =>

From unraid terminal: echo "htpasswdOutput" > /boot/config/plugins/rclone/.htpasswd

FoxxMD / massDeleteDiscord.js
Last active January 5, 2021 15:01
mass delete discord messages for a channel
// based on
// What It Do?
// Will delete all messages in a channel AFTER the message id specified
// Specify username/descriminator to only delete by user,
// or leave empty to delete all messages
// How To Use