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berry busy

Frances Coronel FrancesCoronel

berry busy
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FrancesCoronel /
Last active Jul 19, 2020
Sentry Open Source Grant Application 2019

1. Link to the project (it should already exist)

2. Project details: What is the project’s goal? Why is it important or interesting? Who uses it?

Techqueria is one of the largest communities of Latinx professionals in the tech industry. We build Latinx-centered spaces that revolve around career advice, technical talks, mentorship, open jobs, upcoming events/conferences, speaking opportunities, and open-source. We come from all walks of life and believe that the diversity of our community is the most reliable asset we have.

FrancesCoronel / .hyper.js
Last active Jun 9, 2018
Hyper Sync Settings - Slack
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// Future versions of Hyper may add additional config options,
// which will not automatically be merged into this file.
// See for all currently supported options.
module.exports = {
config: {
// hypercwd config
hypercwd: {
initialWorkingDirectory: '~/Documents/webapp',
# Your init script
# Atom will evaluate this file each time a new window is opened. It is run
# after packages are loaded/activated and after the previous editor state
# has been restored.
# An example hack to log to the console when each text editor is saved.
# atom.workspace.observeTextEditors (editor) ->
# editor.onDidSave ->
FrancesCoronel /
Last active Jun 25, 2022
A sample README for all your GitHub projects.

Repository Title Goes Here

Frances Coronel

INSERT GRAPHIC HERE (include hyperlink in image)

Subtitle or Short Description Goes Here

ideally one sentence >

FrancesCoronel /
Last active Jun 18, 2020
Fullstack Foundations - Week 1

Fullstack Foundations | Part 1

Due 05-18-2015

[x] TestFirst 0-4 | GitHub Repo

  • 00 Hello
  • 01 Properties
FrancesCoronel / SimpleHTMLSignature.html
Last active Jul 13, 2020
Simplified HTML Signature
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FVCproductions HTML Signature
for Mail Applications
Created September 3, 2014
<style type="text/css">{margin:0;padding:0;border:none;text-decoration:none;}