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2016-10-09 - Prodigy Automatic Key Binding
(defvar fn/prodigy-command-name-prefix "fmpv/"
"The prefix when creating binding prodigy view commands.")
(defun fn/prodigy-switch-to-process-buffer (service)    
"Just an wrapper for said function with SERVICE."
(prodigy-switch-to-process-buffer service))
(defun fn/prodigy-prepared-switch-to-process-buffer (service)
"Another wrapper to make specific functions for viewing SERVICE."    
(lexical-let* ((service-name (plist-get service :name))
(command-name (or (plist-get service :bind-command-name)
(symbol-name (gensym "prodigy-view-"))))        
(function-symbol (intern (format "%s%s" fn/prodigy-command-name-prefix command-name)))
(service service))
(fset function-symbol
`(lambda ()              
,(format "A prodigy view function for %s" service-name)
(fn/prodigy-switch-to-process-buffer (quote ,service))))      
(defun fn/prodigy-define-service-bind-hook (define-service &rest args)    
"When creating a service, check for a :bind keyword to create an automatic keybinding for it."
(let ((result (apply define-service args)))
(let* ((service (car result))
(name (plist-get service :name))
(bind (plist-get service :bind))
(bind-map (or (plist-get service :bind-map) global-map)))
(when bind
(message "Creating binding for %s" name)
(define-key bind-map bind (fn/prodigy-prepared-switch-to-process-buffer service)))))))
(advice-add #'prodigy-define-service :around #'fn/prodigy-define-service-bind-hook)
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