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Combining Pre-trained Left and Right nets into a single joint model
import numpy as np
import sys, os
# Edit the paths as needed:
caffe_root = '../caffe/'
sys.path.insert(0, caffe_root + 'python')
import caffe
# Path to your combined net prototxt files:
combined_model_root_path = './models/combined_net/'
l_model_root_path = './models/left/2015-07-20/'
r_model_root_path= './models/right/2015-07-20/'
# The pre-trained Caffemodel files:
lnet_file = '_iter_50000.caffemodel'
rnet_file = '_iter_60000.caffemodel'
# Their respective prototxt files:
lnet_proto = 'net.prototxt'
rnet_proto = 'net.prototxt'
# Chdir if your prototxt files specify your training and testing files
# in relative paths:
lnet = caffe.Net(lnet_proto, lnet_file, caffe.TRAIN)
rnet = caffe.Net(rnet_proto, rnet_file, caffe.TRAIN)
comb_net = caffe.Net('net.prototxt', caffe.TRAIN)
# The layers you want to combine into the new caffe net:
layer_names = ['ff1', 'ff2']
# The two nets we have already loaded:
nets = {
'l': lnet,
'r': rnet,
# For each of the pretrained net sides, copy the params to
# the corresponding layer of the combined net:
for side, net in nets.items():
for layer in layer_names:
W = net.params[layer][0].data[...] # Grab the pretrained weights
b = net.params[layer][1].data[...] # Grab the pretrained bias
comb_net.params['{}_{}'.format(side, layer)][0].data[...] = W # Insert into new combined net
comb_net.params['{}_{}'.format(side, layer)][1].data[...] = b
# Save the combined model with pretrained weights to a caffemodel file:'pretrained.caffemodel')
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W0523 12:27:00.884069 6835 _caffe.cpp:139] DEPRECATION WARNING - deprecated use of Python interface
I am facing this error, when running the script.
I have installed caffe from source and version is 1.0.0.

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