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Created November 9, 2021 16:43
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Fleet memory leak
* Copyright Elasticsearch B.V. and/or licensed to Elasticsearch B.V. under one
* or more contributor license agreements. Licensed under the Elastic License
* 2.0; you may not use this file except in compliance with the Elastic License
* 2.0.
// Put this file at "x-pack/plugins/fleet/server" and then modify ""
// to have the setting "KIBANA_PROJECT=x-pack/plugins/fleet/jest.config.js"
// And then run it:
// ./ ~/projects/kibana/x-pack/plugins/fleet/server/test_sample.test.ts
// And you will see the memory leak unless you use the import outside of the pattern
// "x-pack/plugins/fleet/server"
// Any functions we import directly from ${PLUGIN_NAME}/server seems to start the memory leak.
// This will be a memory leak if we import from "x-pack/plugins/fleet/server"
// Comment this out and uncomment the line underneath it to remove the memory leak
import { relativeDownloadUrlFromArtifact } from '.';
// This will not be a memory leak if we import from within the mappings folder
// import { relativeDownloadUrlFromArtifact } from './services/artifacts/mappings';
describe('memory leak', () => {
test('it has a memory leak by just iterating over an import', () => {
// You just have to ensure you're touching the import, not actually invoke it to see the leak
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