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<opml version="1.0">
<title>Subscriptions - Swiss News</title>
<outline htmlUrl="" title="24 heures Vaud und Régions" xmlUrl="" type="rss" text="24 heures Vaud und Régions"/>
<outline htmlUrl="" title="Actualités municipales - Ville de Lausanne" xmlUrl="" type="rss" text="Actualités municipales - Ville de Lausanne"/>
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FredericJacobs /
Created Mar 16, 2016
Script I run daily to update dependencies.
echo "🆕 Updating System (root)"
sudo softwareupdate --install --all
echo "🆕 Updating Gems";
gem update;
echo "🆕 Updating Brew";
brew update;
FredericJacobs / gist:b1b518125b7066880359
Last active Sep 26, 2016
Some notes about Reporta app since some people expressed worry about Reporta's security.
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Analytics track you, but they also keep local files really useful for forensics to gather evidence against you.

Google Analytics

Because of course, you need to know if people actually use it when it's developed by a PR firm. Google Analytics tracks a lot of your moves and stored locally in a cache then uploaded to Google servers. Every action is logged.

View 1-AppDelegate.m
#import "AppDelegate.h"
@implementation AppDelegate
- (void)applicationDidFinishLaunching:(UIApplication *)application {
NSLog(@"Hello Bitcode!");
View gist:5842c574c1ac7fa8795c
This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
Updating local specs repositories
Analyzing dependencies
Pre-downloading: `CPAProxy` from ``
[!] /bin/bash -c
set -e
bash ./scripts/
No iOS SDK specified. Using the only one available: 9.0
Building architectures: i386 x86_64 armv7 arm64
FredericJacobs / gist:1614f8eb741532c3f2cb
Created Aug 7, 2015
A poem by Bram Cohen, creator of BitTorrent: The Revolution Will Not Be Monetized
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You are in the wrong place
You aren't going to find what you came for
You might as well go home
You aren't going to get rich here
Because the revolution will not be monetized
The revolution will not have a multi-billion dollar addressable market
The revolution will not follow a freemium business model
The revolution will not come free to play
The revolution will not enroll in YCombinator
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ssh-rsa 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Hash: SHA512
<true />
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func newHTTPTransporter(baseURL, user, pass string, skipTLSCheck bool) *httpTransporter {
client := &http.Client{}
if skipTLSCheck {
client.Transport = &http.Transport{
TLSClientConfig: &tls.Config{InsecureSkipVerify: true},
Proxy: http.ProxyFromEnvironment,
} else {
client.Transport = &http.Transport{
Proxy: http.ProxyFromEnvironment,
FredericJacobs / gist:a548bd9e5400fa378978
Created Mar 9, 2015
APPLE-SA-2015-03-09-3 Security Update 2015-002
View gist:a548bd9e5400fa378978
iCloud Keychain
Available for: OS X Yosemite v10.10.2
Impact: An attacker with a privileged network position may be able
to execute arbitrary code
Description: Multiple buffer overflows existed in the handling of
data during iCloud Keychain recovery. These issues were addressed
through improved bounds checking.
CVE-2015-1065 : Andrey Belenko of NowSecure
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