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"_id": "628e63c0-c7ce-11e9-9c54-8d74d8e24aa6",
"_type": "visualization",
"_source": {
"title": "Count percentiles",
"visState": "{\n \"title\": \"Count percentiles\",\n \"type\": \"histogram\",\n \"params\": {\n \"addLegend\": true,\n \"addTimeMarker\": false,\n \"addTooltip\": true,\n \"categoryAxes\": [\n {\n \"id\": \"CategoryAxis-1\",\n \"labels\": {\n \"show\": true,\n \"truncate\": 100\n },\n \"position\": \"bottom\",\n \"scale\": {\n \"type\": \"linear\"\n },\n \"show\": true,\n \"style\": {},\n \"title\": {},\n \"type\": \"category\"\n }\n ],\n \"grid\": {\n \"categoryLines\": false,\n \"style\": {\n \"color\": \"#eee\"\n }\n },\n \"legendPosition\": \"right\",\n \"seriesParams\": [\n {\n \"data\": {\n \"id\": \"1\",\n \"label\": \"Percentiles of nginx.access.request_time\"\n },\n \"drawLinesBetweenPoints\": true,\n \"mode\": \"normal\",\n \"show\": \"true\",\n \"showCircles\": true,\n \"type\": \"line\",\n \"valueAxis\": \"ValueAxis-1\",\n \"interpolate\": \"linear\"\n }\n ],\n \"times\": [],\n \"type\": \"histogram\",\n \"valueAxes\": [\n {\n \"id\": \"ValueAxis-1\",\n \"labels\": {\n \"filter\": false,\n \"rotate\": 0,\n \"show\": true,\n \"truncate\": 100\n },\n \"name\": \"LeftAxis-1\",\n \"position\": \"left\",\n \"scale\": {\n \"mode\": \"normal\",\n \"type\": \"linear\"\n },\n \"show\": true,\n \"style\": {},\n \"title\": {\n \"text\": \"Percentiles of nginx.access.request_time\"\n },\n \"type\": \"value\"\n }\n ]\n },\n \"aggs\": [\n {\n \"id\": \"1\",\n \"enabled\": true,\n \"type\": \"percentiles\",\n \"schema\": \"metric\",\n \"params\": {\n \"field\": \"nginx.access.request_time\",\n \"percents\": [\n 1,\n 5,\n 25,\n 50,\n 75,\n 95,\n 99\n ]\n }\n },\n {\n \"id\": \"2\",\n \"enabled\": true,\n \"type\": \"date_histogram\",\n \"schema\": \"segment\",\n \"params\": {\n \"field\": \"@timestamp\",\n \"timeRange\": {\n \"from\": \"now-12h\",\n \"to\": \"now\",\n \"mode\": \"quick\"\n },\n \"useNormalizedEsInterval\": true,\n \"interval\": \"custom\",\n \"drop_partials\": false,\n \"customInterval\": \"30m\",\n \"min_doc_count\": 1,\n \"extended_bounds\": {}\n }\n }\n ]\n}",
"uiStateJSON": "{}",
"description": "",
"version": 1,
"kibanaSavedObjectMeta": {
"searchSourceJSON": "{\n \"index\": \"948c9900-c5b7-11e9-950b-9f5f4384dd67\",\n \"query\": {\n \"query\": \"nginx.access.url:*_count*\",\n \"language\": \"lucene\"\n },\n \"filter\": []\n}"
"_migrationVersion": {
"visualization": "6.7.2"
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