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Open data on my Brain(z): community powered open data

Open data is often talked about in the context of data generated by some governmental institution which is then released and refined by volunteers and/or other actors. But open data can also be crowd sourced and community edited, built bottom up rather than top down.

The MetaBrainz Foundation is "a non-profit that believes in free, open access to data" and hosts a number of community maintained open data databases: MusicBrainz, ListenBrainz, AcousticBrainz, CritiqueBrainz, Cover Art Archive, MessyBrainz, and BookBrainz.

This talk will discuss open data and give a brief introduction to each of the MetaBrainz projects in the context of open data and how to get involved with contributing to and using them.

Who I am

  • MeB CommMan
  • 2006→
  • (ex-LiveJournal, Drupal, …)
  • CPH → BCN
  • Gave a talk in 2013 "The IMDb of Music: Introducing MusicBrainz"

Open data

  • What

    • DuckDuckGo "open data": 6/10 (US) government/state/city sites
  • Why
    • Corporations get greedy


  • What
  • Why

MusicBrainz (CC0 / CC by-nc-sa)

  • Picard? (GPL2+)
  • MBID provider (UUIDs)

AcousticBrainz (CC0)

ListenBrainz (CC0)

MessyBrainz (CC0)

Cover Art Archive (???)

CritiqueBrainz (CC by-sa(-nc))

BookBrainz (CC0)

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