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Working from the office

Furkan Üzümcü Furkanzmc

Working from the office
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struct Point {
int x;
int y;
Point() : x{0}, y{0} { std::clog << "Point()\n"; }
Point(int _x, int _y) : x{_x}, y{_y} {
std::clog << "Point(int _x, int _y)\n";
Point(const Point &other) : x{other.x}, y{other.y} {
std::clog << "Point(const Point&)\n";
Furkanzmc /
Last active Jun 14, 2021

The Story of GUI Development (WIP Title)

The history of GUI development is almost as old as computers. In the late 30s, Vannevar Bush envisioned a electromechanical device called Memex which would contain an individual's books, records, communications, and associate trails of links and personal annotations. Bush envisioned it as looking like a desk with two touch screen graphical displays, a keyboard, and a scanner attached to it. This is essentially a tablet as we think of it today. Bush gave details his idea in an article titled As We May Think.

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name: Git
version: "1.0.0"
author: "Jane Doe <>"
about: Git Command Completion
- name: branch
short: br
long: branch
# optional_arguments are completed by the engine based on the input text.
# These fields are static. For example, when you type `git branch -<TAB>`,
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{"info": {"version": "0.4.5", "description": "This is the documentation for the Cuz Translation API.\n\nThe test link is this:\n\n# Pricing Model\n\nFor a complete look at how pricing works in Cuz Translation, refer to\n[this document](\n\n## Pricing Workflow\n\nThere are two ways to get the price of a job.\n\n- Use the '/jobs/price/' endpoint and specify the job specifications\n without creating the job.\n- Create the job and then use '/jobs/price/' to get the price.\n\nThe following criteria will affect the price of a job:\n\n- Job nature (For document jobs).\n- Source language.\n- Target language.\n- Certification type.\n- Job distance (For on-site jobs).\n\nOn-site jobs and document jobs will have a base price and each of these\nfactors will increase the base price by a factor either specified in\nthe `PriceModel` or the `Nature`'s `multiplier` field.\n\nEach of these factors will ha
View gist:ed29e9044816df9701d4ef5fb2969f01
swagger: '2.0'
- application/json
in: header
type: apiKey
description: Make sure to include `JWT` prefix when typing your API key in the dialog
name: Authorization
Furkanzmc / comparisons.h
Created Sep 2, 2018
DRY Multicomparisons
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template <typename Type, typename ComparisonFunc = std::equal_to<Type>>
class is
constexpr is(Type t)
: m_Value(std::move(t))
bool any_of(const std::initializer_list<Type> &list) const
Furkanzmc / zxcvbn-qt.patch
Created Aug 31, 2018
Patch for zxcvbn-c to make it work with Qt
View zxcvbn-qt.patch
diff --git a/zxcvbn.c b/zxcvbn.c
index ebe9e31..5b2dcf3 100644
--- a/zxcvbn.c
+++ b/zxcvbn.c
@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@
#include <stdio.h>
#include <fstream>
+#include <QFile>
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swagger: 2.0
- http
- https
- application/json
- application/json
Furkanzmc / astyle.txt
Last active May 11, 2018
My favorite astyle configuration
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Furkanzmc / youtubedl-download.bash
Created Apr 18, 2018
Download YouTube Videos from Text File
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while read p; do youtube-dl --no-check-certificate -x --audio-format mp3 --audio-quality 1 $p; done <Nightcore.txt