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LOAD:FE82CDA8                 DCD aTzbsp_pil_init     ; "tzbsp_pil_init_image_ns"
LOAD:FE82CDAC                 DCD 0x3D
LOAD:FE82CDB0                 DCD tzbsp_pil_init_image_ns+1
LOAD:FE82CDB4                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82CDB8                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CDBC                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CDC0                 DCD 0x805
LOAD:FE82CDC4                 DCD aTzbsp_pil_auth     ; "tzbsp_pil_auth_reset_ns"
LOAD:FE82CDC8                 DCD 0x3D
LOAD:FE82CDCC                 DCD tzbsp_pil_auth_reset_ns+1
LOAD:FE82CDD0                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82CDD4                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CDD8                 DCD 0x802
LOAD:FE82CDDC                 DCD aTzbsp_pil_mem_     ; "tzbsp_pil_mem_area"
LOAD:FE82CDE0                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82CDE4                 DCD tzbsp_pil_mem_area+1
LOAD:FE82CDE8                 DCD 3
LOAD:FE82CDEC                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CDF0                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CDF4                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CDF8                 DCD 0x806
LOAD:FE82CDFC                 DCD aTzbsp_pil_unlo     ; "tzbsp_pil_unlock_area"
LOAD:FE82CE00                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82CE04                 DCD tzbsp_pil_unlock_area+1
LOAD:FE82CE08                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82CE0C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CE10                 DCD 0x807
LOAD:FE82CE14                 DCD aTzbsp_pil_is_s     ; "tzbsp_pil_is_subsystem_supported"
LOAD:FE82CE18                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82CE1C                 DCD tzbsp_pil_is_subsystem_supported+1
LOAD:FE82CE20                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82CE24                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CE28                 DCD 0x808
LOAD:FE82CE2C                 DCD aTzbsp_pil_is_0     ; "tzbsp_pil_is_subsystem_mandated"
LOAD:FE82CE30                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82CE34                 DCD tzbsp_pil_is_subsystem_mandated+1
LOAD:FE82CE38                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82CE3C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CE40                 DCD 0xC01
LOAD:FE82CE44                 DCD aTzbsp_write_lp     ; "tzbsp_write_lpass_qdsp6_nmi"
LOAD:FE82CE48                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82CE4C                 DCD tzbsp_write_lpass_qdsp6_nmi+1
LOAD:FE82CE50                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82CE54                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CE58                 DCD 0xC02
LOAD:FE82CE5C                 DCD aTzbsp_set_cpu_     ; "tzbsp_set_cpu_ctx_buf"
LOAD:FE82CE60                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82CE64                 DCD tzbsp_set_cpu_ctx_buf+1
LOAD:FE82CE68                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82CE6C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CE70                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CE74                 DCD 0xC04
LOAD:FE82CE78                 DCD aTzbsp_set_l1_d     ; "tzbsp_set_l1_dump_buf"
LOAD:FE82CE7C                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82CE80                 DCD tzbsp_set_l1_dump_buf+1
LOAD:FE82CE84                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82CE88                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CE8C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CE90                 DCD 0xC06
LOAD:FE82CE94                 DCD aTzbsp_query_l1     ; "tzbsp_query_l1_dump_buf_size"
LOAD:FE82CE98                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82CE9C                 DCD tzbsp_query_l1_dump_buf_size+1
LOAD:FE82CEA0                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82CEA4                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CEA8                 DCD 0xC07
LOAD:FE82CEAC                 DCD aTzbsp_set_l2_d     ; "tzbsp_set_l2_dump_buf"
LOAD:FE82CEB0                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82CEB4                 DCD tzbsp_set_l2_dump_buf+1
LOAD:FE82CEB8                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82CEBC                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CEC0                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CEC4                 DCD 0xC08
LOAD:FE82CEC8                 DCD aTzbsp_query_l2     ; "tzbsp_query_l2_dump_buf_size"
LOAD:FE82CECC                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82CED0                 DCD tzbsp_query_l2_dump_buf_size+1
LOAD:FE82CED4                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82CED8                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CEDC                 DCD 0xC09
LOAD:FE82CEE0                 DCD aTzbsp_set_ocme     ; "tzbsp_set_ocmem_dump_buf"
LOAD:FE82CEE4                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82CEE8                 DCD tzbsp_set_ocmem_dump_buf+1
LOAD:FE82CEEC                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82CEF0                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CEF4                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CEF8                 DCD 0xC0A
LOAD:FE82CEFC                 DCD aTzbsp_query_oc     ; "tzbsp_query_ocmem_dump_buf_size"
LOAD:FE82CF00                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82CF04                 DCD tzbsp_query_ocmem_dump_buf_size+1
LOAD:FE82CF08                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82CF0C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CF10                 DCD 0x2003
LOAD:FE82CF14                 DCD aTzbsp_qfprom_w     ; "tzbsp_qfprom_write_row"
LOAD:FE82CF18                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82CF1C                 DCD tzbsp_qfprom_write_row+1
LOAD:FE82CF20                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CF24                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CF28                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CF2C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CF30                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CF34                 DCD 0x2004
LOAD:FE82CF38                 DCD aTzbsp_qfprom_0     ; "tzbsp_qfprom_write_multiple_rows"
LOAD:FE82CF3C                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82CF40                 DCD tzbsp_qfprom_write_multiple_rows+1
LOAD:FE82CF44                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CF48                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CF4C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CF50                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CF54                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CF58                 DCD 0x2005
LOAD:FE82CF5C                 DCD aTzbsp_qfprom_r     ; "tzbsp_qfprom_read_row"
LOAD:FE82CF60                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82CF64                 DCD tzbsp_qfprom_read_row+1
LOAD:FE82CF68                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CF6C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CF70                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CF74                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CF78                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CF7C                 DCD 0x2006
LOAD:FE82CF80                 DCD aTzbsp_qfprom_1     ; "tzbsp_qfprom_rollback_write_row"
LOAD:FE82CF84                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82CF88                 DCD tzbsp_qfprom_rollback_write_row+1
LOAD:FE82CF8C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CF90                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CF94                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CF98                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CF9C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CFA0                 DCD 0x2801
LOAD:FE82CFA4                 DCD aTzbsp_prng_get     ; "tzbsp_prng_getdata_syscall"
LOAD:FE82CFA8                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82CFAC                 DCD tzbsp_prng_getdata_syscall+0x73
LOAD:FE82CFB0                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82CFB4                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CFB8                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CFBC                 DCD 0x1002
LOAD:FE82CFC0                 DCD aTzbsp_resource     ; "tzbsp_resource_config"
LOAD:FE82CFC4                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82CFC8                 DCD tzbsp_resource_config+1
LOAD:FE82CFCC                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82CFD0                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CFD4                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CFD8                 DCD 0x3401
LOAD:FE82CFDC                 DCD aTzbsp_dcvs_cre     ; "tzbsp_dcvs_create_group"
LOAD:FE82CFE0                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82CFE4                 DCD tzbsp_dcvs_create_group+1
LOAD:FE82CFE8                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82CFEC                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82CFF0                 DCD 0x3402
LOAD:FE82CFF4                 DCD aTzbsp_dcvs_reg     ; "tzbsp_dcvs_register_core"
LOAD:FE82CFF8                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82CFFC                 DCD tzbsp_dcvs_register_core+1
LOAD:FE82D000                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D004                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D008                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D00C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D010                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D014                 DCD 0x3403
LOAD:FE82D018                 DCD aTzbsp_dcvs_set     ; "tzbsp_dcvs_set_alg_params"
LOAD:FE82D01C                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D020                 DCD tzbsp_dcvs_set_alg_params+1
LOAD:FE82D024                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82D028                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D02C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D030                 DCD 0x3405
LOAD:FE82D034                 DCD aTzbsp_dcvs_ini     ; "tzbsp_dcvs_init"
LOAD:FE82D038                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D03C                 DCD tzbsp_dcvs_init+1
LOAD:FE82D040                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82D044                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D048                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D04C                 DCD 0x3801
LOAD:FE82D050                 DCD aTzbsp_nfdbg_co     ; "tzbsp_nfdbg_config"
LOAD:FE82D054                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D058                 DCD tzbsp_nfdbg_config+1
LOAD:FE82D05C                 DCD 6
LOAD:FE82D060                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D064                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D068                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D06C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D070                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D074                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D078                 DCD 0x3802
LOAD:FE82D07C                 DCD aTzbsp_nfdbg_ct     ; "tzbsp_nfdbg_ctx_size"
LOAD:FE82D080                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82D084                 DCD tzbsp_nfdbg_ctx_size+1
LOAD:FE82D088                 DCD 0
LOAD:FE82D08C                 DCD 0x3803
LOAD:FE82D090                 DCD aTzbsp_nfdbg_is     ; "tzbsp_nfdbg_is_int_ok"
LOAD:FE82D094                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82D098                 DCD tzbsp_nfdbg_is_int_ok+1
LOAD:FE82D09C                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82D0A0                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D0A4                 DCD 0x405
LOAD:FE82D0A8                 DCD aTzbsp_cpu_conf     ; "tzbsp_cpu_config"
LOAD:FE82D0AC                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D0B0                 DCD tzbsp_cpu_config+1
LOAD:FE82D0B4                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D0B8                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D0BC                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D0C0                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D0C4                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D0C8                 DCD 0x406
LOAD:FE82D0CC                 DCD aTzbsp_cpu_co_0     ; "tzbsp_cpu_config_query"
LOAD:FE82D0D0                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82D0D4                 DCD tzbsp_cpu_config_query+1
LOAD:FE82D0D8                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D0DC                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D0E0                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D0E4                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D0E8                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D0EC                 DCD 0x3C01
LOAD:FE82D0F0                 DCD aTzbsp_ocmem_lo     ; "tzbsp_ocmem_lock_region"
LOAD:FE82D0F4                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D0F8                 DCD tzbsp_ocmem_lock_region+1
LOAD:FE82D0FC                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D100                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D104                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D108                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D10C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D110                 DCD 0x3C02
LOAD:FE82D114                 DCD aTzbsp_ocmem_un     ; "tzbsp_ocmem_unlock_region"
LOAD:FE82D118                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D11C                 DCD tzbsp_ocmem_unlock_region+1
LOAD:FE82D120                 DCD 3
LOAD:FE82D124                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D128                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D12C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D130                 DCD 0x3C03
LOAD:FE82D134                 DCD aTzbsp_ocmem_en     ; "tzbsp_ocmem_enable_mem_dump"
LOAD:FE82D138                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D13C                 DCD tzbsp_ocmem_enable_mem_dump+1
LOAD:FE82D140                 DCD 3
LOAD:FE82D144                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D148                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D14C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D150                 DCD 0x3C04
LOAD:FE82D154                 DCD aTzbsp_ocmem_di     ; "tzbsp_ocmem_disable_mem_dump"
LOAD:FE82D158                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D15C                 DCD tzbsp_ocmem_disable_mem_dump+1
LOAD:FE82D160                 DCD 3
LOAD:FE82D164                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D168                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D16C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D170                 DCD 0x3003
LOAD:FE82D174                 DCD aTzbsp_smmu_get     ; "tzbsp_smmu_get_pt_size"
LOAD:FE82D178                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82D17C                 DCD tzbsp_smmu_get_pt_size+1
LOAD:FE82D180                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82D184                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D188                 DCD 0x3004
LOAD:FE82D18C                 DCD aTzbsp_smmu_set     ; "tzbsp_smmu_set_pt_mem"
LOAD:FE82D190                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82D194                 DCD tzbsp_smmu_set_pt_mem+1
LOAD:FE82D198                 DCD 3
LOAD:FE82D19C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D1A0                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D1A4                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D1A8                 DCD 0x3008
LOAD:FE82D1AC                 DCD aTzbsp_video_se     ; "tzbsp_video_set_va_ranges"
LOAD:FE82D1B0                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82D1B4                 DCD tzbsp_video_set_va_ranges+1
LOAD:FE82D1B8                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D1BC                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D1C0                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D1C4                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D1C8                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D1CC                 DCD 0x3001
LOAD:FE82D1D0                 DCD aTzbsp_mpu_prot     ; "tzbsp_mpu_protect_memory"
LOAD:FE82D1D4                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D1D8                 DCD tzbsp_mpu_protect_memory+1
LOAD:FE82D1DC                 DCD 5
LOAD:FE82D1E0                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D1E4                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D1E8                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D1EC                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82D1F0                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D1F4                 DCD 0x300A
LOAD:FE82D1F8                 DCD aTzbsp_memprot_     ; "tzbsp_memprot_lock2"
LOAD:FE82D1FC                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82D200                 DCD tzbsp_memprot_lock2+1
LOAD:FE82D204                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D208                 DCD 0xC
LOAD:FE82D20C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D210                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D214                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D218                 DCD 0x300B
LOAD:FE82D21C                 DCD aTzbsp_mempro_0     ; "tzbsp_memprot_map2"
LOAD:FE82D220                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82D224                 DCD tzbsp_memprot_map2+1
LOAD:FE82D228                 DCD 3
LOAD:FE82D22C                 DCD 0xC
LOAD:FE82D230                 DCD 0x10
LOAD:FE82D234                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D238                 DCD 0x300C
LOAD:FE82D23C                 DCD aTzbsp_mempro_1     ; "tzbsp_memprot_unmap2"
LOAD:FE82D240                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82D244                 DCD tzbsp_memprot_unmap2+1
LOAD:FE82D248                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82D24C                 DCD 0x10
LOAD:FE82D250                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D254                 DCD 0x300D
LOAD:FE82D258                 DCD aTzbsp_mempro_2     ; "tzbsp_memprot_tlbinval"
LOAD:FE82D25C                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82D260                 DCD tzbsp_memprot_tlbinval+1
LOAD:FE82D264                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D268                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D26C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D270                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D274                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D278                 DCD 0x3009
LOAD:FE82D27C                 DCD aTzbsp_vmidmt_s     ; "tzbsp_vmidmt_set_memtype"
LOAD:FE82D280                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D284                 DCD tzbsp_vmidmt_set_memtype+1
LOAD:FE82D288                 DCD 3
LOAD:FE82D28C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D290                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D294                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D298                 DCD 0x3020
LOAD:FE82D29C                 DCD aTzbsp_xpu_disa     ; "tzbsp_xpu_disable_mmss_qrib"
LOAD:FE82D2A0                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D2A4                 DCD tzbsp_xpu_disable_mmss_qrib+1
LOAD:FE82D2A8                 DCD 0
LOAD:FE82D2AC                 DCD 0x300E
LOAD:FE82D2B0                 DCD aTzbsp_xpu_conf     ; "tzbsp_xpu_config_violation_err_fatal"
LOAD:FE82D2B4                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82D2B8                 DCD tzbsp_xpu_config_violation_err_fatal+1
LOAD:FE82D2BC                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82D2C0                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82D2C4                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D2C8                 DCD 0xC0C
LOAD:FE82D2CC                 DCD aTzbsp_smmu_fau     ; "tzbsp_smmu_fault_regs_dump"
LOAD:FE82D2D0                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D2D4                 DCD tzbsp_smmu_fault_regs_dump+1
LOAD:FE82D2D8                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D2DC                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D2E0                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D2E4                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D2E8                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D2EC                 DCD 0x3406
LOAD:FE82D2F0                 DCD aTzbsp_graphics     ; "tzbsp_graphics_dcvs_init"
LOAD:FE82D2F4                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D2F8                 DCD tzbsp_graphics_dcvs_init+1
LOAD:FE82D2FC                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82D300                 DCD 0x2C
LOAD:FE82D304                 DCD 0x40A
LOAD:FE82D308                 DCD aTzbsp_video__0     ; "tzbsp_video_set_state"
LOAD:FE82D30C                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82D310                 DCD tzbsp_video_set_state+1
LOAD:FE82D314                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82D318                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D31C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D320                 DCD 0x401
LOAD:FE82D324                 DCD aTzbsp_set_boot     ; "tzbsp_set_boot_addr"
LOAD:FE82D328                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D32C                 DCD tzbsp_set_boot_addr+1
LOAD:FE82D330                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82D334                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D338                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D33C                 DCD 0x403
LOAD:FE82D340                 DCD aTzbsp_mileston     ; "tzbsp_milestone_set"
LOAD:FE82D344                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D348                 DCD tzbsp_milestone_set+1
LOAD:FE82D34C                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82D350                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D354                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D358                 DCD 0x407
LOAD:FE82D35C                 DCD aTzbsp_wdt_disa     ; "tzbsp_wdt_disable"
LOAD:FE82D360                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D364                 DCD tzbsp_wdt_disable+1
LOAD:FE82D368                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82D36C                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82D370                 DCD 0x409
LOAD:FE82D374                 DCD aConfig_hw_for_     ; "config_hw_for_offline_ram_dump"
LOAD:FE82D378                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D37C                 DCD config_hw_for_offline_ram_dump+1
LOAD:FE82D380                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82D384                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D388                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D38C                 DCD 0x408
LOAD:FE82D390                 DCD aTzbsp_wdt_trig     ; "tzbsp_wdt_trigger"
LOAD:FE82D394                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D398                 DCD tzbsp_wdt_trigger+1
LOAD:FE82D39C                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82D3A0                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82D3A4                 DCD 0x1801
LOAD:FE82D3A8                 DCD aTzbsp_is_servi     ; "tzbsp_is_service_available"
LOAD:FE82D3AC                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82D3B0                 DCD tzbsp_is_service_available+1
LOAD:FE82D3B4                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82D3B8                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D3BC                 DCD 0x3F001
LOAD:FE82D3C0                 DCD aTzbsp_exec_smc     ; "tzbsp_exec_smc"
LOAD:FE82D3C4                 DCD 0x2F
LOAD:FE82D3C8                 DCD tzbsp_exec_smc+1
LOAD:FE82D3CC                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82D3D0                 DCD 0x10
LOAD:FE82D3D4                 DCD 0x3E801
LOAD:FE82D3D8                 DCD aTzbsp_exec_s_0     ; "tzbsp_exec_smc_ext"
LOAD:FE82D3DC                 DCD 0x2F
LOAD:FE82D3E0                 DCD tzbsp_exec_smc_ext+1
LOAD:FE82D3E4                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82D3E8                 DCD 0x10
LOAD:FE82D3EC                 DCD 0x3F401
LOAD:FE82D3F0                 DCD aTzbsp_tzos_smc     ; "tzbsp_tzos_smc"
LOAD:FE82D3F4                 DCD 0x2F
LOAD:FE82D3F8                 DCD tzbsp_tzos_smc+1
LOAD:FE82D3FC                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82D400                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D404                 DCD 0x10
LOAD:FE82D408                 DCD 0x1C01
LOAD:FE82D40C                 DCD aTzbsp_ssd_decr     ; "tzbsp_ssd_decrypt_img_ns"
LOAD:FE82D410                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D414                 DCD tzbsp_ssd_decrypt_img_ns+1
LOAD:FE82D418                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82D41C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D420                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D424                 DCD 0x1C02
LOAD:FE82D428                 DCD aKs_ns_encrypt_     ; "ks_ns_encrypt_keystore_ns"
LOAD:FE82D42C                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D430                 DCD ks_ns_encrypt_keystore_ns+1
LOAD:FE82D434                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82D438                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D43C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D440                 DCD 0x1C05
LOAD:FE82D444                 DCD aTzbsp_ssd_prot     ; "tzbsp_ssd_protect_keystore_ns"
LOAD:FE82D448                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82D44C                 DCD tzbsp_ssd_protect_keystore_ns+1
LOAD:FE82D450                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82D454                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D458                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D45C                 DCD 0x1C06
LOAD:FE82D460                 DCD aTzbsp_ssd_pars     ; "tzbsp_ssd_parse_md_ns"
LOAD:FE82D464                 DCD 0x2F
LOAD:FE82D468                 DCD tzbsp_ssd_parse_md_ns+1
LOAD:FE82D46C                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82D470                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D474                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D478                 DCD 0x1C07
LOAD:FE82D47C                 DCD aTzbsp_ssd_de_0     ; "tzbsp_ssd_decrypt_img_frag_ns"
LOAD:FE82D480                 DCD 0x2F
LOAD:FE82D484                 DCD tzbsp_ssd_decrypt_img_frag_ns+1
LOAD:FE82D488                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D48C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D490                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D494                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D498                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D49C                 DCD 0x1C08
LOAD:FE82D4A0                 DCD aTzbsp_ssd_de_1     ; "tzbsp_ssd_decrypt_elf_seg_frag_ns"
LOAD:FE82D4A4                 DCD 0x2F
LOAD:FE82D4A8                 DCD tzbsp_ssd_decrypt_elf_seg_frag_ns+1
LOAD:FE82D4AC                 DCD 6
LOAD:FE82D4B0                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D4B4                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D4B8                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D4BC                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D4C0                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D4C4                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D4C8                 DCD 0x2001
LOAD:FE82D4CC                 DCD aTz_blow_sw_fus     ; "tz_blow_sw_fuse"
LOAD:FE82D4D0                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D4D4                 DCD tz_blow_sw_fuse+1
LOAD:FE82D4D8                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82D4DC                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D4E0                 DCD 0x2002
LOAD:FE82D4E4                 DCD aTz_is_sw_fuse_     ; "tz_is_sw_fuse_blown"
LOAD:FE82D4E8                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82D4EC                 DCD tz_is_sw_fuse_blown+1
LOAD:FE82D4F0                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82D4F4                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D4F8                 DCD 0x1802
LOAD:FE82D4FC                 DCD aTzbsp_get_diag     ; "tzbsp_get_diag"
LOAD:FE82D500                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D504                 DCD tzbsp_get_diag+1
LOAD:FE82D508                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82D50C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D510                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D514                 DCD 0x4001
LOAD:FE82D518                 DCD aTzbsp_es_sav_4     ; "tzbsp_es_save_partition_hash"
LOAD:FE82D51C                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D520                 DCD tzbsp_es_save_partition_hash+1
LOAD:FE82D524                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82D528                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D52C                 DCD 0x20
LOAD:FE82D530                 DCD 0x4002
LOAD:FE82D534                 DCD aTzbsp_es_is_ac     ; "tzbsp_es_is_activated"
LOAD:FE82D538                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82D53C                 DCD tzbsp_es_is_activated+1
LOAD:FE82D540                 DCD 0
LOAD:FE82D544                 DCD 0x3002
LOAD:FE82D548                 DCD aTzbsp_sec_cfg_     ; "tzbsp_sec_cfg_restore"
LOAD:FE82D54C                 DCD 0xD
LOAD:FE82D550                 DCD tzbsp_sec_cfg_restore+1
LOAD:FE82D554                 DCD 2
LOAD:FE82D558                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D55C                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D560                 DCD 0x1803
LOAD:FE82D564                 DCD aTzbsp_fver_get     ; "tzbsp_fver_get_version"
LOAD:FE82D568                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82D56C                 DCD tzbsp_fver_get_version+1
LOAD:FE82D570                 DCD 1
LOAD:FE82D574                 DCD 4
LOAD:FE82D578                 DCD 0xC0B
LOAD:FE82D57C                 DCD aTzbsp_security     ; "tzbsp_security_allows_mem_dump"
LOAD:FE82D580                 DCD 0xF
LOAD:FE82D584                 DCD tzbsp_security_allows_mem_dump+1
LOAD:FE82D588                 DCD 0
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