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Live is on going
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hazcod / apache-plex-reverse-proxy.vhost
Last active December 9, 2023 19:02
Apache2 reverse proxy vhost configuration for Plex. Rerquires modules ssl, proxy, wstunnel
This current configuration is based of at least Server Version and Web Version: 3.108.2.
This updated config file allows the playing of trailers and TV Show theme music where as the previous one did not.
## Requirements
1. Apache version > 2.4
2. A bunch of mod's enabled (proxy, ssl, proxy_wstunnel, http, dir, env, headers, proxy_balancer, proxy_http, rewrite)
3. Protocols h2 http/1.1 needs apachectl -V 2.4.17 and higher...
## Apache .conf file
brandonmwest / example.cs
Last active January 16, 2024 15:52
Generating base64-encoded Authorization headers in a variety of languages
httpClient.DefaultRequestHeaders.Authorization =
new AuthenticationHeaderValue(
string.Format("{0}:{1}", username, password))));