View pi.debug_override.php
$plugin_info = array(
'pi_name' => 'debug_override',
'pi_version' =>'1.0',
'pi_author' =>'GDmac',
'pi_author_url' => '',
'pi_description' => '',
'pi_usage' => '{exp:debug_override override="all|ajax"} default is override on ajax calls',
View hello.php
$req = parse_url($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
// querystring
isset($req['query']) ? parse_str($req['query'], $req['query_arr']) : $req['query_arr'] = array();
// route
$req['route'] = substr($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], strlen($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']));

ProtectedPages extension

Make sections of your site (template) accessible to members only.

Quick Setup

Create a template with a loginform and the processform tag. The form should at least provide username, password and action. e.g.:


Sharing on the mobile platform

Many smartphone users (probably most) use dedicated apps for their social sharing. However, when clicking on a share button on websites, the user is redirected to the website instead of to the app for twitter and facebook. This document tries to offer an alternative route for sharing on mobile.

User story and technique

  1. When a user clicks the share button for the first time
    ask if he/she wants to use an app or to go to the website.
    Use local storage (jstorage) or cookies to store user preferences.
  2. When the user wants to use the app, use a small script to verify
View pi.example_plugin.php
$plugin_info = array(
'pi_name' => 'example_plugin',
'pi_version' => '0.1',
'pi_author' => 'John Doe',
'pi_author_url' => '',
'pi_description' => '',
'pi_usage' => '',
View pi.admin_edit_link.php
View database_DB_driver.php
// from
// adapted for codeigniter
// database/DB_driver.php method query()
// Save the query for debugging
if ($this->save_queries == TRUE)
$this->queries[] = $sql . "\n# ".get_caller_info();
View EE_ftp.php
<?php if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');
require_once(BASEPATH . 'libraries/Ftp.php');
class EE_FTP extends CI_FTP {
var $timeout = 90;
* FTP Connect
View patch_commit_52e32c475952.patch
diff --git a/system/database/DB_query_builder.php b/system/database/DB_query_builder.php
index f0fe96c35622a77066952d6a23fc526044590df7..d912540b5e2cd825b705088bee2497ba72fd04aa 100644
--- a/system/database/DB_query_builder.php
+++ b/system/database/DB_query_builder.php
@@ -2561,14 +2561,30 @@ abstract class CI_DB_query_builder extends CI_DB_driver {
$qb_variable = 'qb_'.$val;
$qb_cache_var = 'qb_cache_'.$val;
- $qb_new = $this->$qb_cache_var;


an ExpressioneEngine add-on

Core Member is a Mash-up of the old Freemember plugin and cp-login code. This add-on was developed for a hobby-group website that uses EE-Core and to allow member-only templates and members-only content.

Members can be added and edited in the control panel, by the admin. This plugin provides only some very basic member functionality like: login, logout, forgot password, reset password and change password.