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my compiled findings and conclusions about June 19th Parity wallet attack addresses

Compiled Findings About Addresses Involved

so far I’ve seen the address used to subsidize the gas for today's attack appear in the hack

~one month ago which means that either:

  • it is the same attacker
  • this is a mixer’s address

Either way chances of catching this guy are greatly maximized, imo.

If it is the same attacker we now have him linked to a www hack which means more chances of traceability (if not very sophisticated)

If it is a mixer’s address then we can also try to see which mixer was used and go from there.

that post outlined the use of the same address: 0x57B174839cbD0A503B9Dfcb655e4f4B1B47B3296

also he ran 20 ETH after first wallet attack through Shapeshift

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