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Information Packets (IP)

Primary properties

Improve markdown of this section

Optional properties

Instead of just 'scope - see scope', add some information about scope and then '(for more information, see scope)' for instance.

Ports API


Typo at 'handle thme'


Where should I look to see about error ports?


Buffer link dont work:

Loved the eh canada example! But who is the repeat component? Use database instead of db in the explanation to match component's name.

This is a very confusing phrase: "Concurrency problems in graphs with these graph and these sample components as examples".

By finishing this section I felt like introduced to process api, but it actually starts on the next section. Maybe include this after explaining Process Api?


Sending information packets

Typo processe's outport

Process API

Link for port events is broken.

Cannot understand those first two paragraphs, why should I use the Process API?

Component States

Is is better to read when topics are like





Who is 'it' in 'check if it has a packet'?

I think it is better to read if "input.has can be given a callback argument that can check any IP attributes to answer if the IP matches the custom requirements or not.' came after the example.

Preconditions is only to check if the packet exists?



What "For example, if the incoming packet flow on an in inPort is: md 1) openBracket 2) data 3) closeBracket" means?

Typo at "`closeBracket."

Who is 'it' in "Since it removes it from the buffer each time, you can repeatedly call it until you have what you need, for example:"?

Can you explain buffer before?


"when you … " looks weird

input.get(portname).data is the same as input.getData portname? nice!


What is an output map?

Link don't work

Proccesserror is a typo?


Link is broken

Shouldn't be ehinstead of in in "For example, IPs coming into an in port:"?

sending the stream… phrase is bad formatted

Data Stream Helpers

Some more broken links


The first paragraph is confusing, please start with the second one and add the similarity with hasStream after explaining what hasStream does

Firing Patterns

Per Packet

Example is in a single line.


Can you explain the example a little bit further? :-)

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