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Last active March 16, 2023 11:35
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this is a windows batch script meant to adb pull all folders in your /sdcard/ directory EXCEPT the ones you specify.

specifying additional folders to exclude:

add the following to the end of the command before -maxdepth 1:

-not -path "/sdcard/your_excluded_folder"

where your_excluded_folder is the name of the folder you don't want backed up. make sure you don't put a trailing / !

if i think of anything else to put in this readme, i'll add it. feel free to suggest stuff and/or ask any questions

@echo off
cd %userprofile%
rem the following line is so coloured text works.
for /F "delims=#" %%e in ('prompt #$E# ^& for %%a in ^(1^) do rem') do set esc=%%e
IF EXIST backup (
echo %esc%[32mbackup folder found!%esc%[0m
GOTO :pull
) ELSE (
echo %esc%[30m %esc%[0m
echo %esc%[31mbackup directory not found!%esc%[0m
echo ...
echo %esc%[33mcreating...%esc%[0m
md backup
GOTO :pull
cd backup
FOR /F usebackq %%H in (`adb shell find /sdcard/ -type d -not -path "/sdcard/Music" -not -path "/sdcard/Android" -not -path "/sdcard/" -maxdepth 1 ^& adb shell find /sdcard/ -type f -maxdepth 1`) DO (
adb pull %%H
del /Q "./DCIM/.thumbnails"
echo %esc%[30m %esc%[0m
echo %esc%[7;32mDONE~!%esc%[0m
pause>nul|set/p =...
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