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A python decorator that prints a progress bar when a decored function yields it's current progress.
import time
import sys
class ProgressBarPrinter:
def __init__(self, width, step, stream, fname):
self.width = width
self.block_progress = 0
self.current_progress = 0
self.start_time = time.time()
self.step = step = stream
# Prints the progress bar's layout
print(f"{fname}: [{'-' * self.width}] 0%% <0.00 seconds>",
flush=True, end='',
print("\b" * (self.width + len("] 0%% <0.00 seconds>")),
def update(self, progress):
# Parsing input
if progress is None:
progress = self.current_progress + self.step
if not isinstance(progress, float):
raise TypeError("ProgressBar: input must be float or None")
# Keep the progress bar under 99% until end() has been called
self.current_progress = min(progress, 0.99)
def print_bar(self, progress):
block = int(round(self.width * progress)) - self.block_progress
self.block_progress += block
bar = ('#' * block) + ('-' * (self.width - self.block_progress))
progress = int(progress * 100)
elapsed_time = round(time.time() - self.start_time, 2)
text = f"{bar}] {progress}% <{elapsed_time} seconds>"
print(text + ("\b" * (len(text) - block)),
flush=True, end='',
def end(self):
def ProgressBar(width=50, step=0.1, stream=sys.stdout):
"""Decorator, prints a progress bar when a decored function yields it's
current progress.
When you want the progress bar to be updated you should yield the progress
of your function between 0 and 1. The general calcul for this is:
(current_iteration + 1) / total_iterations.
When yielding None, the progress bar goes up by `current progress + step`.
This is usefull to show some feedback instead of a dead terminal when it's
not possible to calculate the progress of a function.
Limitation: It uses yield statements as callbacks for the decorator. That
means you can't yield your result, meaning this progress bar doesn't
work if your function is intended to be a generator.
def decorator(func):
def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
pb = ProgressBarPrinter(width, step, stream, func.__name__)
progress_generator = func(*args, **kwargs)
while True:
progress = next(progress_generator)
except StopIteration as result:
return result.value
return wrapper
return decorator
# Example usage:
if __name__ == "__main__":
@ProgressBar() # Decorate the function with the progress bar
def dummyLoop():
nb_iter = 13
for i in range(nb_iter):
yield ((i + 1) / nb_iter) # Give control back to decorator
# returning the real result
return "My result"
res = dummyLoop() # You can still retrieve the result of your function
print("result:", res)
@ProgressBar(step=0.1, stream=sys.stderr)
def yieldNaN():
nb_iter = 11
for i in range(nb_iter):
yield # Give control back to decorator and increase by step
return None
print("result:", yieldNaN())
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