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This is a script that will change the resolution in Linux on a Macbook Pro Retina computer. Nvidia-current is required for the script to function properly. Tested in Ubuntu 13.04 (alpha).
#Author: Travis Gibson
#This script requires an argument for the resolution width
#Thanks go out to eCharles for a patch in the comments of this link here:
if [ -z "$1" ]; then
echo "Usage: <resolution_width>";
exit 1;
erg=$( echo "$1")
check=$(xrandr -q | grep DP-2 | cut -d " " -f 4 | cut -d "x" -f 1)
if [ "$erg" -eq "$check" ]; then
echo "The screen is already at this resolution"
exit 1;
resolution=$(xrandr -q | grep DP-2 | cut -d " " -f 3);
if [ "$resolution" != "2880x1800+0+0" ]; then
xrandr --output DP-2 --scale 1x1;
#Necessary to work around an issue where re-scaling
#only works if the scale is set to 1x1
sleep 3;
scale_w=$(echo "scale=4; $1/2880" | bc; exit );
arg=$(echo "$scale_w""x""$scale_w")
xrandr --output DP-2 --scale $arg
sleep 1;

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Crybyte commented Nov 24, 2013

I'm completely new when it comes to Ubuntu, or linux in general. How do you run this script?


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nathandailo commented Apr 10, 2014

@Avilis In Terminal, navigate to this file and type "sh"


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npcardoso commented Jun 6, 2014

Thanks for sharing this script.
I adapted this script to automatically detect the screen resolution and make the correct adjustments based on those values (
I only tested it in a MBP 11,1 so let me know if it does not work for you.


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omerralbayrak commented Feb 26, 2015

I have macbook pro retina haswell 13' and this code doesn't work for my machine. How can I fix this problem ? Please help me !


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kyrsideris commented Mar 24, 2015

Thanks for sharing. I modified it to automatically discover the adapter's name. In my case the adapter's name was "VGA-0" and not "DP-2" as I am running Ubuntu 14.04.02 on VirtualBox on MacBook Pro 15'.
Tested only in MacBookPro11,2.

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