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Using the template_include filter in WordPress
add_filter( 'template_include', 'ja_template_include' );
* Apply a template to all subcategories of a certain parent category.
* @author Jared Atchison
* @link
* @param string $template Existing path to template file
* @return string Potentially amended path to template file
function ja_template_include( $template ) {
// Parent category (News) ID
$my_parent_category_id = 7;
if ( ! is_category() )
return $template;
// Get category information
$category_info = get_category( get_query_var( 'cat' ) );
if ( $category_info->parent == $my_parent_category_id )
return get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/subcategory-news.php';
return $template;

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@ericrasch ericrasch commented Mar 25, 2012

Wondering if there's a way to use the slug name on lines 15/23 rather than an ID?


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@GaryJones GaryJones commented Mar 25, 2012

@ericrasch - absolutely. If you look at you'll see that there are lots of properties available instead of parent on line 23 - it sounds as though you want to use slug.

Be aware however, that slugs can change (by un-informed but well-meaning clients), as can names, which is why it's usually safer to go with an ID, and add a comment for developers reading the code, as per my example.


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@rogierborst rogierborst commented May 25, 2012

Just created a fork that's more dynamic. In this version you hardcode the template file ('/subcategory-news.php') into the function.
You could also check if there's a file called 'subcategory-' + the parent category slug + .php in the theme folder and use that one (like I do in my fork).


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@sardbaba sardbaba commented Feb 22, 2013

I've forked to better handle the hierarchical order... see

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