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Last active November 2, 2018 19:49
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[Replaced] CSSComb file for WP core.
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Configuration Options are detailed at

Current WP CSS coding standards for property ordering are outlined at . These are too generic, so using an automated tool (via grunt, editor plugin, website (once re-done)) with unambiguous prescriptive list of individual properties is better.

exclude and verbose are optional and just here to show they exist. Main focus here is the sort order. Properties are broken up into Display, Positioning, Box Model, Colors and Typography, and Other as per CS. All given in one array, so no clear linespaces will appear in the sorted output. $variable and $include cover sorting with both Sass and LESS variables and mixins / extend, so suitable for all projects outside of core too.

Feedback welcome.

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saas786 commented Jan 19, 2015

Thanks @GaryJones

Using it with my upcoming projects. Much appreciated.

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