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TestComplete Jenkins Integration Notes

TestComplete Jenkins Integration Notes

Agent Node Setup

  • Triple check your GPOs.
  • Run Resultant Set of GPOs to make sure some up-stream GPO isn't doing something you don't expect.
  • Shadow the RDP session to see what TestExecute is doing.
    • If you don't see TestExecute start in a session, double check your username variable in the pipeline.
  • Run Agent Node as a windows service.
    • Let service interact with the desktop.
  • Update Windows Firewall to allow all between the agent and master.
  • When including a path to java for your node don't include '.exe' at the end of the path.


  • Check that the command line to 'TestCompleteServicexx.exe' is splitting username into Domain and username. You can't use username@domain, you must use DOMAIN\Username.
  • You can use Credentials
  • You can parameterize the testcompletetest action
  • You can add environment variables/parameters to get additional debugging
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