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Created May 2, 2018
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Message to George

Dear George, we noticed - on the Physics Meta thread - that you're open to suggestions on improving and refining your books based on community consensus. We recently had a meta post deliberating the issues the community may have with your books. Now that it's over, here's a directly actionable list that requires action from your side: (for the detailed motivation behind them, please head over to the meta post)

  1. The Google Books description must mention that this content was "freely available on". The same should be mentioned in the "About the book" section of your ebook.

  2. The "Copyright" has got the name and url of our forum wrong. It is "Chemistry Stack Exchange" and the url Please correct it.

  3. Add a disclaimer in your ebook stating that (with different wording as required):

    The answers have not been manually verified from experts in chemistry universities or from the Chemistry SE users. The publisher nor the Chemistry SE users are not responsible for any factual inaccuracies. The content in the book is not an accurate representation of the content available on the site. The ebook is not endorsed by the Chemistry SE community.

We hope you'll cooperate in making the necessary changes.

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