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Geczy /
Last active April 20, 2024 18:47
# This just provides you with a new docker-compose.yaml file.
# 1. You then have to edit your Supabase stack's docker compose and paste it in
# 2. Then you have to re-deploy to get the new versions installed
# TODO: Be able to run this script on your VPS and have it auto-update your compose yaml
# Local Docker Compose file
Geczy /
Last active April 18, 2024 22:01
Migrate Coolify to a new server
# This script will backup your Coolify instance and move everything to a new server. Docker volumes, Coolify database, and ssh keys
# 1. Script must run on the source server
# 2. Have all the containers running that you want to migrate
# Configuration - Modify as needed
sshKeyPath="$HOME/.ssh/your_private_key" # Key to destination server
Geczy /
Last active February 12, 2024 23:07

Dota 2 Laning Phase Feedback Survey for Support

Player Name (Optional):

Match ID:

Communication and Strategy

  1. How effective was our communication during the laning phase?
  • Very effective
Geczy / dotabod.ps1
Created January 16, 2024 22:07
dotabod debugging
## .\debug.ps1 -Token c123123123123123 -Online $true -Name poecco -Steam32Id 33365540
## powershell -c "irm | iex -Args 'param1Value', 'param2Value'"
param (
[parameter(mandatory=$true)] [ValidateNotNullOrEmpty()] [string]$Token,
[bool]$Online = $false,
Geczy / 1
Last active December 30, 2023 05:48
free american airlines wifi

This Bash script automates the process of changing the MAC address on a network interface (specifically en0 on macOS, typically used for Wi-Fi) and attempts to activate a 20-minute Wi-Fi session, probably on an American Airlines flight. Here's a detailed breakdown:

  1. Root Check:

    • Exits if not run as root to ensure necessary permissions.
  2. Dependency Check:

    • Checks for the jq command, used for parsing JSON data.
  3. MAC Address Manipulation:

  • Defines generate_valid_mac function for new MAC addresses.
Geczy / template.txt
Created June 17, 2023 00:53
template to install and decrypt
Load environment variables from .env file if it exists.
Set the appropriate ipatool based on the operating system.
Make a function get_app_info_by_id(appId) to retrieve app information.
Create 'downloads' and 'decrypted' directories.
Authenticate with itunes using ipatool and provided credentials.
set -e
# check os compatibility
if [ "$system" = "Windows" ]; then
echo "Windows is not currently supported."
exit 1
# Airtable API URL
# Output file name
# Initialize variables
Geczy /
Created June 11, 2023 14:36
esign repo release script for ipa files

eSign Tools for App Management 📲

Welcome to eSign Tools, a collection of utilities for managing and enhancing your app releases. This repository includes two main components: Cleaner and Releaser. Follow the instructions below to utilize these tools effectively.


The Cleaner tool helps you prepare your app for distribution by performing various tasks and optimizations. It offers the following features:

  • Lists the injections in the IPA, like Bea for BeReal or iGameGod for Plants vs Zombies.
  • Utilizes plist for storing version, name, date, and size information.
Geczy /
Last active June 15, 2023 18:52
esign json update with type
get_app_info() {
local bundle_id=$1
# Make the search request
local search_url="$bundle_id"
local response=$(curl -s "$search_url")
# Check for errors in the response