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Created December 7, 2015 06:13
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AWS Lambda python script for sending metric value to zabbix.
# For sending metric value to zabbix server.
# You must create item as "zabbix trapper" on server.
# Because the server must be connected to agent:10050, if it is selected "zabbix agent".
# Usage:
# from modules.ZabbixSender import ZabbixSender
# ZABBIX_PORT = 10051
# sender = ZabbixSender(ZABBIX_HOST, ZABBIX_PORT)
# sender.add("example-hostname-01", "healthcheck", 1)
# sender.add("example-hostname-01", "item.keyname", 0.123)
# sender.add("example-hostname-02", "item.keyname", 1234)
# sender.send()
import socket
import struct
import time
import json
class ZabbixSender:
log = True
def __init__(self, host='', port=10051):
self.address = (host, port) = []
def __log(self, log):
if self.log: print log
def __connect(self):
self.sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
raise Exception("Can't connect server.")
def __close(self):
def __pack(self, request):
string = json.dumps(request)
header = struct.pack('<4sBQ', 'ZBXD', 1, len(string))
return header + string
def __unpack(self, response):
header, version, length = struct.unpack('<4sBQ', response[:13])
(data, ) = struct.unpack('<%ds'%length, response[13:13+length])
return json.loads(data)
def __request(self, request):
except Exception as e:
raise Exception("Failed sending data.\nERROR: %s" % e)
response = ''
while True:
data = self.sock.recv(4096)
if not data:
response += data
return self.__unpack(response)
def __active_checks(self):
hosts = set()
for d in
for h in hosts:
request = {"request":"active checks", "host":h}
self.__log("[active check] %s" % h)
response = self.__request(request)
if not response['response'] == 'success': self.__log("[host not found] %s" % h)
def add(self, host, key, value, clock=None):
if clock is None: clock = int(time.time()){"host":host, "key":key, "value":value, "clock":clock})
def send(self):
if not
self.__log("Not found sender data, end without sending.")
return False
request = {"request":"sender data", "data"}
response = self.__request(request)
result = True if response['response'] == 'success' else False
if result:
for d in
self.__log("[send data] %s" % d)
self.__log("[send result] %s" % response['info'])
raise Exception("Failed send data.")
return result
if __name__ == '__main__':
sender = ZabbixSender()
sender.add("gedowfather-example-01", "healthcheck", 1)
sender.add("gedowfather-example-01", "gedow.item", 1111)
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VietThan commented Feb 14, 2022

Thanks! I used this as a basis for my own lambda. I've modified it to fit for use with python3. This is the gist for that.

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