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GeeH/ Secret

Created Oct 24, 2016
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Hello Tutorial Attendees!

It's nearly time for php[world], and I hope you're as excitied as I am to get going. This is just a quick note to let you know what you can do to prepare your development environment for the ZF Done Properly tutorial.

The absolute minimum you need will be PHP 5.5 and MySQL server. Along with some way of editing PHP files (I'll be using PhpStorm if you want to play along), you'll be good to go. It would be amazing if you could fork and clone the repo we'll be working with from GitHub before the tutorial, you'll find it here -

An ideal situation would be if all attendees had a working copy of the World application running locally and ready to refactor before the start of the tutorial. If you can't get that working, don't worry! I'll bring copies of the code with me and providing you have PHP 5.5 or greater, and MySQL installed you'll be fine.

If you want to get the app running before the tutorial follow these steps:

git clone (or your own fork) edit the database credentials in config/autoload/ to have the credentials for your database import the data/dump.sql into your database you can run the application from cli - make sure you're in the root of the application directory, and run php -S -t public/ public/index.php you should see the application running with a list of countries when you visit, like this Let me know if you need help, you can reach me on Twitter @GeeH. Good luck, and I'll see you at the tutorial!


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