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configuration used by sh miner killer taken from - 45[.]76[.]122[.]92
related hash: 21ab6585aacf15cbf414d492c470a987a5f47602a441816cbea3c69aa715b6cc
source: hxxp://45[.]76.122.92:8506/IOFoqIgyC0zmf2UR/config.json
"algo": "cryptonight", // cryptonight (default) or cryptonight-lite
"av": 0, // algorithm variation, 0 auto select
"background": true, // true to run the miner in the background
"colors": true, // false to disable colored output
"cpu-affinity": null, // set process affinity to CPU core(s), mask "0x3" for cores 0 and 1
"cpu-priority": null, // set process priority (0 idle, 2 normal to 5 highest)
"donate-level": 3, // donate level, mininum 1%
"log-file": null, // log all output to a file, example: "c:/some/path/xmrig.log"
"max-cpu-usage": 65, // maximum CPU usage for automatic mode, usually limiting factor is CPU cache not this option.
"print-time": 60, // print hashrate report every N seconds
"retries": 5, // number of times to retry before switch to backup server
"retry-pause": 5, // time to pause between retries
"safe": false, // true to safe adjust threads and av settings for current CPU
"syslog": false, // use system log for output messages
"huge-pages": true, // huge pages support
"threads": 1, // number of miner threads
"pools": [
"url": "", // URL of mining server
"user": "46o1Z3ReeK3ih4YNqRHRLfCaWA9vx9A4dhbHj8Cg5gcWgBnkReBjsy1WAoJZjVnAyY5gyVm16NCpPXZ7dR849zbiG4sN5S6",
"pass": "x", // password for mining server
"rig-id": null,
"nicehash": false, // enable nicehash/xmrig-proxy support
"keepalive": true, // send keepalived for prevent timeout (need pool support)
"variant": -1, // algorithm PoW variant
"tls": false, // enable SSL/TLS support (needs pool support)
"tls-fingerprint": null
"user-agent": null, // set custom user-agent string for pool
"api": {
"port": 0, // port for the miner API
"access-token": null, // access token for API
"id": null,
"worker-id": null, // custom worker-id for API
"ipv6": false,
"restricted": true
"asm": true, // ASM code for cn/2, possible values: auto, none, intel, ryzen.
"autosave": true,
"watch": false,
"hw-aes": null
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