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A GraphML representation of XKCD comic no. 1930, including alt-text.
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<graphml xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
<key"text" attr.type="string" for="node" id="d0" />
<graph edgedefault="directed">
<node id="1">
<data key="d0">Did you know that</data>
<node id="2">
<data key="d0">the</data>
<node id="3">
<data key="d0">the</data>
<node id="4">
<data key="d0">the</data>
<node id="5">
<data key="d0">daylight</data>
<node id="6">
<data key="d0">leap</data>
<node id="7">
<data key="d0">Easter</data>
<node id="8">
<data key="d0">the</data>
<node id="9">
<data key="d0">"Toyota truck month"</data>
<node id="10">
<data key="d0">"shark week"</data>
<node id="11">
<data key="d0">fall</data>
<node id="12">
<data key="d0">spring</data>
<node id="13">
<data key="d0">winter</data>
<node id="14">
<data key="d0">summer</data>
<node id="15">
<data key="d0">earliest</data>
<node id="16">
<data key="d0">latest</data>
<node id="17">
<data key="d0">saving</data>
<node id="18">
<data key="d0">savings</data>
<node id="19">
<data key="d0">day</data>
<node id="20">
<data key="d0">year</data>
<node id="21">
<data key="d0">harvest</data>
<node id="22">
<data key="d0">super</data>
<node id="23">
<data key="d0">blood</data>
<node id="24">
<data key="d0">equinox</data>
<node id="25">
<data key="d0">solstice</data>
<node id="26">
<data key="d0">olympics</data>
<node id="27">
<data key="d0">sunrise</data>
<node id="28">
<data key="d0">sunset</data>
<node id="29">
<data key="d0">time</data>
<node id="30">
<data key="d0">moon</data>
<node id="31" />
<node id="32">
<data key="d0">happens</data>
<node id="33">
<data key="d0">earlier</data>
<node id="34">
<data key="d0">later</data>
<node id="35">
<data key="d0">at the wrong time</data>
<node id="36">
<data key="d0">every year</data>
<node id="37">
<data key="d0">drifts out of sync with the</data>
<node id="38">
<data key="d0">sun</data>
<node id="39">
<data key="d0">moon</data>
<node id="40">
<data key="d0">zodiac</data>
<node id="41">
<data key="d0">Gregorian</data>
<node id="42">
<data key="d0">Mayan</data>
<node id="43">
<data key="d0">lunar</data>
<node id="44">
<data key="d0">iPhone</data>
<node id="45">
<data key="d0">atomic clock in Colorado</data>
<node id="46">
<data key="d0">calendar</data>
<node id="47">
<data key="d0">might</data>
<node id="48">
<data key="d0">not happen</data>
<node id="49">
<data key="d0">happen twice</data>
<node id="50">
<data key="d0">this year</data>
<node id="51">
<data key="d0">because of</data>
<node id="52">
<data key="d0">time zone legislation in</data>
<node id="53">
<data key="d0">Indiana</data>
<node id="54">
<data key="d0">Arizona</data>
<node id="55">
<data key="d0">Russia</data>
<node id="56">
<data key="d0">a decree by the Pope in the 1500s</data>
<node id="57">
<data key="d0">the precession</data>
<node id="58">
<data key="d0">the libration</data>
<node id="59">
<data key="d0">the nutation</data>
<node id="60">
<data key="d0">the eccentricity</data>
<node id="61">
<data key="d0">the obliquity</data>
<node id="62">
<data key="d0">of the</data>
<node id="63">
<data key="d0">moon</data>
<node id="64">
<data key="d0">sun</data>
<node id="65">
<data key="d0">Earth's axis</data>
<node id="66">
<data key="d0">equator</data>
<node id="67">
<data key="d0">prime meridian</data>
<node id="68">
<data key="d0">international date</data>
<node id="69">
<data key="d0">Mason-Dixon</data>
<node id="70">
<data key="d0">line</data>
<node id="71">
<data key="d0">magnetic field reversal</data>
<node id="72">
<data key="d0">an arbitrary decision by</data>
<node id="73">
<data key="d0">Benjamin Franklin</data>
<node id="74">
<data key="d0">Isaac Newton</data>
<node id="75">
<data key="d0">FDR</data>
<node id="76">
<data key="d0">?</data>
<node id="77">
<data key="d0">Apparently</data>
<node id="93">
<data key="d0">libation</data>
<node id="78">
<data key="d0">it causes a predictable increase in car accidents.</data>
<node id="79">
<data key="d0">that's why we have leap seconds.</data>
<node id="80">
<data key="d0">scientists are really worried.</data>
<node id="81">
<data key="d0">is was even more extreme during the</data>
<node id="82">
<data key="d0">there's a proposal to fix it, but it</data>
<node id="83">
<data key="d0">it's getting worse and no one knows why.</data>
<node id="84">
<data key="d0">Bronze Age.</data>
<node id="85">
<data key="d0">Ice Age.</data>
<node id="86">
<data key="d0">cretaceous.</data>
<node id="87">
<data key="d0">1990s.</data>
<node id="88">
<data key="d0">will never happen.</data>
<node id="89">
<data key="d0">actually makes things worse.</data>
<node id="90">
<data key="d0">is stalled in congress.</data>
<node id="91">
<data key="d0">might be unconstitutional.</data>
<node id="92" />
<node id="94">
<data key="d0">While it may seem like trivia, it</data>
<node id="95">
<data key="d0">causes huge headaches for software developers.</data>
<node id="96">
<data key="d0">is taken advantage of by high-speed traders.</data>
<node id="97">
<data key="d0">triggered the 2003 Northeast Blackout.</data>
<node id="98">
<data key="d0">has to be corrected for by GPS satellites.</data>
<node id="99">
<data key="d0">is now recognised as a major cause of World War I.</data>
<node id="100" />
<edge source="1" target="2" />
<edge source="1" target="3" />
<edge source="1" target="4" />
<edge source="1" target="5" />
<edge source="1" target="6" />
<edge source="1" target="7" />
<edge source="1" target="8" />
<edge source="1" target="9" />
<edge source="1" target="10" />
<edge source="2" target="11" />
<edge source="2" target="12" />
<edge source="3" target="13" />
<edge source="3" target="14" />
<edge source="4" target="15" />
<edge source="4" target="16" />
<edge source="5" target="17" />
<edge source="5" target="18" />
<edge source="6" target="19" />
<edge source="6" target="20" />
<edge source="7" target="31" />
<edge source="8" target="21" />
<edge source="8" target="22" />
<edge source="8" target="23" />
<edge source="9" target="31" />
<edge source="10" target="31" />
<edge source="11" target="24" />
<edge source="12" target="24" />
<edge source="13" target="25" />
<edge source="13" target="26" />
<edge source="14" target="25" />
<edge source="14" target="26" />
<edge source="15" target="27" />
<edge source="15" target="28" />
<edge source="16" target="27" />
<edge source="16" target="28" />
<edge source="17" target="29" />
<edge source="18" target="29" />
<edge source="19" target="31" />
<edge source="20" target="31" />
<edge source="21" target="30" />
<edge source="22" target="30" />
<edge source="23" target="30" />
<edge source="24" target="31" />
<edge source="25" target="31" />
<edge source="26" target="31" />
<edge source="27" target="31" />
<edge source="28" target="31" />
<edge source="29" target="31" />
<edge source="30" target="31" />
<edge source="31" target="32" />
<edge source="31" target="37" />
<edge source="31" target="47" />
<edge source="32" target="33" />
<edge source="32" target="34" />
<edge source="32" target="35" />
<edge source="33" target="36" />
<edge source="34" target="36" />
<edge source="35" target="36" />
<edge source="36" target="51" />
<edge source="37" target="38" />
<edge source="37" target="39" />
<edge source="37" target="40" />
<edge source="37" target="41" />
<edge source="37" target="42" />
<edge source="37" target="43" />
<edge source="37" target="44" />
<edge source="37" target="45" />
<edge source="38" target="51" />
<edge source="39" target="51" />
<edge source="40" target="51" />
<edge source="41" target="46" />
<edge source="42" target="46" />
<edge source="43" target="46" />
<edge source="44" target="46" />
<edge source="45" target="51" />
<edge source="46" target="51" />
<edge source="47" target="48" />
<edge source="47" target="49" />
<edge source="48" target="50" />
<edge source="49" target="50" />
<edge source="50" target="51" />
<edge source="51" target="52" />
<edge source="51" target="56" />
<edge source="51" target="57" />
<edge source="51" target="58" />
<edge source="51" target="59" />
<edge source="51" target="60" />
<edge source="51" target="61" />
<edge source="51" target="93" />
<edge source="51" target="71" />
<edge source="51" target="72" />
<edge source="52" target="53" />
<edge source="52" target="54" />
<edge source="52" target="55" />
<edge source="53" target="76" />
<edge source="54" target="76" />
<edge source="55" target="76" />
<edge source="56" target="76" />
<edge source="57" target="62" />
<edge source="58" target="62" />
<edge source="59" target="62" />
<edge source="60" target="62" />
<edge source="61" target="62" />
<edge source="62" target="63" />
<edge source="62" target="64" />
<edge source="62" target="65" />
<edge source="62" target="66" />
<edge source="62" target="67" />
<edge source="62" target="68" />
<edge source="62" target="69" />
<edge source="63" target="76" />
<edge source="64" target="76" />
<edge source="65" target="76" />
<edge source="66" target="76" />
<edge source="67" target="76" />
<edge source="68" target="70" />
<edge source="69" target="70" />
<edge source="70" target="76" />
<edge source="71" target="76" />
<edge source="72" target="73" />
<edge source="72" target="74" />
<edge source="72" target="75" />
<edge source="73" target="76" />
<edge source="74" target="76" />
<edge source="75" target="76" />
<edge source="76" target="77" />
<edge source="77" target="78" />
<edge source="77" target="79" />
<edge source="77" target="80" />
<edge source="77" target="81" />
<edge source="77" target="82" />
<edge source="77" target="83" />
<edge source="93" target="62" />
<edge source="78" target="92" />
<edge source="79" target="92" />
<edge source="80" target="92" />
<edge source="81" target="84" />
<edge source="81" target="85" />
<edge source="81" target="86" />
<edge source="81" target="87" />
<edge source="82" target="88" />
<edge source="82" target="89" />
<edge source="82" target="90" />
<edge source="82" target="91" />
<edge source="83" target="92" />
<edge source="84" target="92" />
<edge source="85" target="92" />
<edge source="86" target="92" />
<edge source="87" target="92" />
<edge source="88" target="92" />
<edge source="89" target="92" />
<edge source="90" target="92" />
<edge source="91" target="92" />
<edge source="92" target="94" />
<edge source="94" target="95" />
<edge source="94" target="96" />
<edge source="94" target="97" />
<edge source="94" target="98" />
<edge source="94" target="99" />
<edge source="95" target="100" />
<edge source="96" target="100" />
<edge source="97" target="100" />
<edge source="98" target="100" />
<edge source="99" target="100" />
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